2018’s Best Foldable Weight Benches and its Pros and Cons

The foldable weight bench is one of the most popular modern weight benches that you can find in the market today; in fact, more and more gym buffs are investing one for their home use.


If you are one of few individuals who just recently started lifting weights and currently planning to invest a quality foldable weight bench, here are a few best foldable weight benches worth reading first and that you need to check out; added with each bench’s pros and cons, choosing the best one won’t be that difficult.

1. BowFlex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench

BowFlex is one of the reputable brands to offer quality weight bench in the market today; the SelectTech 3.1 gives you the right support that you need when lifting dumbbells, bars, and other weight lifting tools either when sitting or lying. Due to its design, anyone who is willing to invest in the SelectTech 3.1 will love having one at home.

Product highlights:

•    Can accommodate three to four angles or positions (45 degrees, 90 degrees, flat, and decline)
•    Designed with a leg-hold down mechanism that will help support exercises on decline position.
•    Weighs approximately 55 lbs.
•    Constructed with a 15-year warranty


•    Promotes proper posture
•    Durable and sturdy
•    Comfortable to use
•    Easy maneuver on an adjustable inclination
•    Fast and easy to clean
•    Easy to assemble


•    Too heavy, making it difficult to move
•    Difficult to store due to its design.

2. Rep Adjustable Bench AB-3000

The RepAdjustable Bench AB-3000 is another reputable brand that you need to consider buying; the versatile FID or flat, incline, and decline modern equipment has several things to offer, including the comfortability and security;

Product Highlights:

•    Can accommodate six to seven angles, ranges from 20 degrees decline up to 85 degrees incline.
•    Designed with durable vinyl
•    Constructed with a 10-year warranty


•    Offers wide-range of positions
•    Affordable
•    Designed with excellent padding
•    Durable and very much stable
•    Easy to maneuver or change its position


•    Steel feet are not properly designed with padding, made from rubber
•    Learn how to be serious when cooking
•    The machine is not easy to store inside a small storage room

3. Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench

Lastly, the versatile weight bench is one of the most inexpensive weight benches that are currently available in the market today. It is carefully designed to accommodate approximately 500 lbs. weight.

Product highlights:

•    Designed compact
•    Constructed with 6 built-in lever locks
•    Constructed from high-quality heavy duty powder coated steel
•    Constructed with 10 years warranty


•    Easy to store
•    Allows you to work-out on 6 different positions or angles
•    Lighter compared to the other two mentioned
•    Durable and stable


•    Not easy to assemble
•    It is not designed for decline positions
•    The lock system is challenging.

Final Verdict

All three brands are unique, sturdy, and stable; so, choosing either one of them is not that hard.