25 Best Beach Tips – What to Take to the Beach

A quick or random getaway to the beach is definitely a good idea for the holidays or one of those road trips and off-work weekends. Beach time is meant to be fun, relaxing, exciting and entertaining and peaceful. However, there needs special planning to avoid the scorching effects of the hot sun on the beach as well as hindrances to fully enjoy the joys of a fun day at the beach.

In my opinion, one needs to decide whether they want an all-inclusive beach destination. Many resorts offer numerous all-inclusive packages including; bed and sleep, food and drink as well as entertainment all running on a single night rate basis. One needs to consider the price of all-inclusive resorts in comparison to traditional resorts, of which an all-inclusive is much cheaper to promote saving. The following 25 best beach tips – what to bring to the beach, will definitely go a long way into educating you on the ideal way to pack up for a day or days at the beach.

Picking the Beach Bag

Picking the ideal bag is the bag is the first most important thing. It can range from a pouch, backpack or large duffel depending on the how much stuff you intend to bring to the beach and the duration of your stay. It is advisable to pick a bag with compartments to accommodate different things within easy reach. It is also good to pack to maximize space by the way you pack so that everything fits.

Packing the Essential Stuff

Skin care essentials are at the top of the list on what to pack in your beach bag. It is imperative to carry along lots of both insect and sun protection lotion, leave in conditioner, and sunglasses. On this aspect, always choose a broad array of sunscreen and apply advisably half an hour before basking. Wider sunglasses offer ideal sun protection. Skin care and hygiene products should be carefully packed in a plastic bag in case of cracking. A swimsuit is an obvious choice of clothing, a wide brim hat and a change of clothes and underwear. Packing enough water is also essential due to dehydration in the hot sun. Snacks are also important. Beach chairs and umbrellas are optional. Last but not least a basic first aid kit should be around for emergencies especially if you have kids in tow to the beach.

Packing Fun Extras

There is a wide array of fun extras to carry to the beach. We all want a good time at the beach and entertainment is important. In the case of children, it is good to carry sand toys for them to play with. A good read like a book is also welcome as you relax in the sun. The kindle paperwhite is an ideal read both for day and night. A portable speaker system is a good way to have music on the beach especially when with a group of friends. Binoculars are a good accessory for gazing at the horizon or finding someone. Batteries for your chargeable devices are a must carry. A good water resistant camera can help you save many memorable moments or a good phone with a water-resistant cover.