Antifungal Foot Cream

Woman applying cream on feet

They say beauty is only skin deep; but not when a fungus infects you. Nothing is more embarrassing like taking off your shoe, and everyone holds their breath due to the toxic odor emissions coming from your feet. No sugarcoating, this is a foot fungal infection. It is ugly, uncomfortable and painful thus one must deal with it.

Symptoms of the fungus

One can either be diagnosed with toenail fungus or foot fungus.  Here are some signs.

  • A non-stop itch in between your toes
  • Blisters on the feet as a result of too much itching
  • Discolored flaky nails
  • Peeling of the skin

How Antifungal creams work?

There are various ways to deal with this fungus. One of the most effective ways is through antifungal creams.  Here is one you can try . The cream works by interfering with the cell membranes of the fungi. It curbs this menace by stopping the extraction of a substance called ergosterol which is produced by fungi. This substance is a key factor in the normal functioning of the cell membrane. Once this substance stops from being produced, the cells begin to wear out.

Without ergosterol, the infection cannot spread or thrive. The hindrance leads to the formation of holes that dismantle the entire structure of the fungi causing in to weaken. Once the fungus is weak, then the healing process begins.

Here are tips to refer to when selecting the right antifungal foot cream.

  • Identify the type of fungus
  • Know your symptoms
  • Familiarize with the contents of the package
  • When choosing suitable foot creams for rashes or itchy skin, check for hydrocortisone ingredient.

Factors to consider when using antifungal creams

The antifungal creams can be accessed as an over the counter drug. Therefore before administering it, one should put specific elements into consideration.

  • Ensure that you don’t have any allergies or pre-existing conditions that may interfere with the fungal treatment.
  • If you’ve ever experienced adverse effects after using antifungal medicine, consider consulting a doctor first.
  • In case you are currently using other medication, make sure there are no drug interactions with the antifungal cream.
  • Always refer to the drug leaflet information to enlighten you on the properties of the drug.
  • Use a Good Treatment

The most effective foot creams for athlete’s foot feature powerful antifungal agents. It’s the secret ingredient to facilitating an effective treatment option. Athlete’s foot is known for causing discomfort and foul odor.

Precautions and safety measures

Some of the antifungal medicines are strong. It’s, therefore, advisable to take caution when using the antifungal creams.

Try to avoid contact with your eyes after handling the medication. Some studies have actually recommended the use of disposable gloves.

Rub in a thin film directly on the infected skin and then dress it up to avoid contamination.


Some of the antifungal foot cream could have some side effects. In case of burning, irritation or no results from the cream then, it’s advisable to visit a doctor