Bathroom Exhaust Fans: Do You Really Need One?

When you go to a public facility or business establishments, you’ll notice that there are exhaust fans installed in bathrooms.


Exhaust fans are common in establishment’s bathrooms. However, did you think of installing an exhaust fan at your home’s bathroom?

You probably heard from your friends or relatives telling you to invest in this equipment. Maybe a technician recommended installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom while you were fixing the cooling and heating units at your home.  For sure you are wondering whether you need to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom.

To give answers to your questions, here are the benefits of using a bathroom fan.

Removes Foul Odors

An exhaust fan provides multiple advantages to bathrooms. One of the primary functions of bathroom fans is odor control. It eliminates the unpleasant stench inside your bathroom.

The extra ventilation keeps your bathroom smelling clean. It also supports in maintaining a sterile atmosphere for the next user.

Promotes Humidity Retention

The humidity level inside a bathroom is higher compared to other rooms inside the house.

Excessive humidity can lead to several problems. It also contributes mold growth and wreak havoc on your bathroom’s interiors. It may cause your paint and wallpaper to peel. It can also damage your door, cabinets and other wooden accessories in your bathroom.

Installing an exhaust fan supports humidity reduction. It controls the moisture level inside the bathroom to prevent problems associated with excessive humidity.

Prevents the Spread of Air Contaminants

A typical bathroom cleaning process requires the use of solutions with strong chemicals. These aggressive chemicals in bathroom cleaning products are considered serious health hazard.

Exposure to these chemicals through inhaling can lead to respiratory illnesses. Thus, it is a major concern especially for children and individuals who are currently suffering from respiratory problems.

An exhaust fan can remove the not only the smell of chemicals but also the contaminants present in the air. It prevents the build-up of airborne impurities to assure that your family remains healthy.

Stops the Growth of Mold

Do you notice that black or dark green powdery spots in your bathroom walls or ceiling?

Those are mold.

Aside from its unpleasant appearance, mold can cause several health problems. Some individuals have allergic reactions to mold. If you have a family with this condition, your bathroom can be a life-threatening place for your loved one.

Exhaust fan stops the spread and growth of mold. This organism grows in humid and warm areas, which makes your bathroom a perfect place. As you already know, exhaust fans promote moisture retention. Therefore, installing exhaust fans will keep your bathroom free from molds and mildew.

What do you think?

Would you like to invest an exhaust bathroom fan?

If you are planning to purchase one for your home, make sure take a look at which bathroom fan is best suitable for your needs.

There is a wide variety of this equipment in the market. Each one differs from brand, size, power, performance, and durability. If you have no idea on how to start searching for this equipment, go to Know the Flo.