Best Coffee Maker Machines of 2018

Not everybody is a morning person. Waking up can be stressful, and making breakfast, especially for more than one person, can be a stressful task. Having a good coffee maker is there for a necessity especially if you are a coffee lover. Here are some of the things you need to know when deciding on what coffee maker you want to buy. Find some of the best coffee makers here

A good coffee maker should be easy to use and set up. It, also, should be accompanied by an instruction manual on how you should set it up. If you have a big family or planning to surprise your office staff with a coffee machine, ensure that the desired coffee maker can handle more than one cup at a go. In the modern markets, we have coffee makers that can prepare up to 8 cups at a go.

Some of the features that are being introduced in the market are digital timers that allow you to do other activities as your coffee is being prepared. It also features a temperature setter so that you don’t get coffee that is too hot and forces you to wait for some minutes to cool off. These function designs should be well labeled and easy to access. A good design also goes a long way since it is easy to learn how everything operates.

For a good coffee maker to be considered good, it should, at least, meet SCAA’S strict standards of making a golden cup of coffee. Its performance should be excellent, and its durability should be standard. Ensure that there are fewer plastic features on the coffee machine to avoid unnecessary breakages, stainless steel base. It should be easy to maintain i.e. cleaning the dirty parts assembling and reassembling. It is also standard if the coffee maker you just bought is accompanied by a warranty that guarantees you of a full refund in case of machine failure. An extra feature that you should look for is the ability to make good coffee that gives out a sweet aroma which is welcoming.

Depending on the planned budget, make sure that you get a machine that will get your money’s worth. Saving to buy a good coffee maker is advisable because cheap can be expensive. A good coffee machine the fact that it is pricy should not discourage you to look at the bigger picture that you will be buying a machine that will last a lifetime. It should service your needs fully. That option is way much better and no one smart would rather buy a cheaper machine which isn’t durable and one that can break beyond repair.

Below are examples of some of the best machines in the market that you should consider when shopping for a coffee machine

Behmar Brazen Plus

  • Its makes 8 cups of coffee at a go, easy to use and meets the SCAA’S standard of making a golden cup of coffee.

Bonavita Bv 1900 TS

  • Price tag is cheap.
  • Excellent performance with a simple functional design.

Hamilton Beach 12 cup Digital maker

  • It has a digital modern design that is easy to use, cheap and excellent performance.

Ninja coffee bar thermal carafe system

  • Has excellent performance.
  • Easy to use