Best crossbows for women

What a man can do a woman can do better? Well, watch a woman hunting, and you’ll discover that there’s a lot of truth in that statement. However, considering that there are numerous crossbows manufactured just for women, finding an ideal device that perfectly suits your needs might not be a walk in the park. Some of the factors to consider while choosing an excellent crossbow include draw weight, size, and length. Most women would prefer a light crossbow that is shorter in length and smaller in size as compared to those designed for their male counterparts.

Some of the exceptional crossbows for women include:

Lady Shadow Crossbow

Lady Shadow is hands-down the best crossbow. It is quite pricey but being the best; it’s definitely worth the cost. Its primary features include:

  • Can shoot at 350FPS velocity
  • Draw weight of about 82kgs
  • 12.6” stroke
  • Uses 20-inch arrow lengths
  • The uncocked weight of 2.9kgs

When purchasing Lady Shadow, you’ll receive it in a package comprising three bolts, 3-arrow quiver, 7-inch fixed dovetail mount and a manual that usually comes in the form of a DVD. With the help of the DVD, you should be able to take roughly 15 minutes to assemble the crossbow. This crossbow is best known for its great scope, balance, and quietness. But like any other equipment, Lady Shadow has a con, which is the lack of a sling. If you do not mind this, then you’ve just found your partner in crime.

Lady Ranger – Wicked Ridge Crossbow


Are you a fan of pink the color? Meet Wicked Ridge Crossbow. It stands out with elegance thus topping the list of the best crossbows for women. Its main features include:

  • 68kgs draw weight
  • Stroke of 10.8”
  • 300FPS velocity
  • Uses 18-inch arrow length
  • 2.7kgs uncocked weight
  • ACU 52 cocking device

The Wicked Range package comprises of all the things you need to assemble a crossbow in 20 minutes or less for experts. It comes with a detach quiver, three bolts, Tenpoint scope and it’s particularly quiet. This is one of the best and affordable crossbows available. It is easy to assemble and allows mid-range accuracy in addition to being safe and well balanced.

Parker Challenger II Crossbow

Praised and awarded as the most compact crossbow, Parker Challenger is one good looking tool. At first sight, it might appear masculine, but with its size, it’s only fair to call it Boss Lady. This is the type of crossbow with which you can grow your hunting skills. However, purchasing it becomes a bit costly when you are required to buy the cocking device separate from the crossbow.

Its features include:


  • Draw weight of 57kgs that can be adjusted to 68kgs
  • Stroke of 10.6”
  • About 300FPS velocity
  • 20-inch arrow length
  • 2.8kgs uncocked weight

This crossbow is easy to use, light and well balanced. The biggest con for the Parker is its potential to cause dry-fire when the bolt and nock are aligned wrongly.

Before choosing a crossbow for your hunting endeavors, it is advisable that you pick one depending on the level of your hunting skills. If you are doing this for the first time, get a beginner’s crossbow to maintain both your safety and that of others. Are you looking to purchase a crossbow? Contact us for the best crossbow collection.