Best Dog Food to Take in Your Backpacking

Hiking is a healthy hobby that is being adopted by a number of individuals around the globe. Taking a break from busy routine life and going on a long hiking tour gives immense satisfaction and a new life to our body. Hiking with your best friend will even be more fun especially if you carry your pets along with you. Dogs are the most reliable and faithful pets that are also of great use on such tours. They can be easily carried in your backpack if they are small sized breed.


If you want to take your dog backpacking you must be careful about the over packing problem. Dogs can be fed on the way so if you carry a dog it’s not important to pack dog food too since natural habitat around you will provide enough food for your pet. But if you are on a hiking tour where your dog will have nothing or very less to eat or dog has allergic reaction towards raw food or it is a special breed that is brought up by special food in all these situations you need to carry dog food along with you in such quantity that will be more than enough for the time that you are going to spend on your journey.

Best dog food for hiking trips:

There are a lot of dog food options these days. There are separate departmental stores that sell pets food. The basic difference between regular food and the food that you should carry for hiking trips is weight to calorie ratio. There are some foods that have lot of weight and take a lot of space but that does not have energy value associated to it that is measured in calorie or kilo-calorie per gram. Hence you need to be very careful and smart in your selection. This article will help you in deciding some of the best food for your backpack.

1. Freeze-Dried Dog Food:

Frozen food and especially dried frozen food has less water content and more energy value to it. It has less weight and occupies less space as compared to regular dog food. Hence this must be of great importance when you are on hiking tour. It will provide enough energy to your dog and will lower the weight and space of your backpack too.

2. Stewart Raw Naturals:

This is un-processed and raw food that comes with high energy and low moisture content thus it is ideal product for your dog. It packs enough energy value and provides less weight ability.

3. Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets

This is best protein source for your dog. Nuggets carry dried meat that is essential for your dog health and provides essential calorie value to keep your dog lively with very less quantity of food thus it is very easy to carry and it lasts long since it is not easily expired due to low moisture content. Thus if you are planning to invest in good quality food for your dog. Dried food can be your best choice.