Best ergonomic mouse for carpal tunnel

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in simple terms is the repetitive strain injury which results from putting a lot of pressure on your hand’s median nerve. Using your normal mouse for long due to straining you might find yourself suffering from this disease and once you start feeling some pains in your arm you need to change your mouse to ergonomic one. The only way to reduce the pains is to avoid using the mouse which can be difficult if that’s your job and sometimes may call for surgery to relieve the carpal ligament and minimize the median nerve compression. To avoid all these troubles you can go for an ergonomic mouse which will not need you to change your posture or keep twisting your arm while mousing. See more at wonder touch gadgets.

Which are the best ergonomic mouse for carpal tunnel?

There are various ergonomic mice on the market however not all are best for carpal tunnel though you need to understand which mouse is can help you in taking control over the carpal tunnel syndrome and they are as follows;

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Mouse

This mouse comes with a trackball for moving the cursor meaning you will not move your arm when mousing thus you will not even experience any pains while using the mouse. In case you have the carpal tunnel problem, this is the mouse for you and you can use it enhances comfortable mousing and have an easy time at work.


  • The mouse operates well on any surface since you use the trackball that you control with your thumb unlike the ordinary mouse which uses the surface to move the cursor.
  • Logitech M570 is compatible with any computer hence no worries about changing your current machine to accommodate the mouse.
  • The mouse needs less power, for instance, one AA battery lasts for one and half years thus you don’t have to worry about power consumption of the mouse.


  • Changing from the ordinary mouse and adapting to this new ergonomic mouse can be a challenge to many people.

J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wireless Mouse.

This is another top ergonomic mouse that’s ideal for helping you overcome the carpal tunnel syndrome since it offers comfortable with buttons that help you move the cursor. The mouse comes with adjustable DPI options that help in taking control over its response to commands.


  • The J-Tech ergonomic mouse is compatible with the majority of computer brands and that means it can work perfectly on your current machine.
  • The mouse features quality specifications that can help in reducing the arm straining and it’s not that costly when buying.
  • The mouse can serve you for long due to its durable specifications.


  • The J-Tech Scroll mouse may not be perfect for gamers.

3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse

This mouse is more of a medical device and it may be of great for people suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome. The mouse comes in a design that resembles a joystick but it features amazing optical sensor and comes in different sizes thus you need to measure your palm before purchasing.


  • The mouse is excellent for people with arm injuries or those who would like to avoid the arm strains.
  • Comes with a warrant of two years and a one month money return guarantee.


  • The mouse is expensive and very heavy.

The above ergonomic mice can be the best for you if you wish to avoid arm straining and prevent yourself from carpal tunnel disease.