Best Hunting Equipment: 2017’s High Performing Excalibur Crossbows

3A professional hunter always seeks for the best hunting weapon in the market. Most hunters usually use an air rifle for their hunting activities. But what if you run out of ammo, what are you going to do? That is why you need a crossbow. A crossbow is another type of hunting weapon. This hunting equipment is guaranteed reliable in aiming a target with consistency.


Moreover, this weapon is easy to maneuver and manage compared to air rifles. All you have to do is learn how to place the arrow and aim it at the right target. Aside from the simplicity and high performance of crossbows, this equipment is also admired for its durability, power, and convenience. For instance, Excalibur, the leading brand of crossbows, has models with power ranging from 300 to 400fps which is fairly high for this type of weapon. Moreover, you can hit your target with accuracy despite long distances. An Excalibur crossbow can shoot a hunt within 20 to 60 yards of distance. Each Excalibur crossbow model has their own unique qualities which makes them different from one another. Thus, to help you in searching for a worthwhile crossbow investment, here is a short review of the leading powerful Excalibur crossbows.


1. Matrix Bulldog


This crossbow model from Excalibur is one of the high performing hunting equipment. It can fire a 350 grain bolt in a maximum velocity of 400fps. This weapon has a Tact-Zone scope to help you see clear of your target. Moreover, the scope of Matrix Bulldog allows you to set it vision within 20 to 60 yards interval. With this weapon, you can hit your target either small or large animal with ease.


2. Matrix 355


The Excalibur Matrix 355 can release arrows at a speed of 355fps. This equipment features a Tact-Zone scope for clear and quality visuals. In addition, this hunting tool is much smaller compared to Matrix 380 and Bulldog which makes it more convenient to transport and pack.


3. Matrix 380


This hunting weapon is one of the Excalibur crossbow models which received high ratings from customers. The Matrix 380 is a high powered crossbow that can shoot arrows for 380fps. Furthermore, this weapon is designed to give comfort to hunters. With a size of 6 inches (width) x 4 inches (length), you can carry and handle this weapon with no problem.


4. Micro 335


The Excalibur Crossbow Micro 335 is constructed to offer comfort to hunters. This weapon can shoot arrows with a 270-pound draw weight for 335fps despite its small size. The Micro 335 only weighs 5.2 lbs. with limbs measuring 25 inches wide and 10 inches power stroke. This hunting tool can hit a target from a distance of 40 yards. Make sure that you have the best hunting experience before the year has to end. Invest in a quality and high performing crossbow to make the most of your hunting escapade. You can learn more about the leading Excalibur crossbows, by visiting Also, read their buying guidelines for additional info.