Bike Helmet: Is It Necessary?

9Even in modern sports, wearing a helmet is still one of the essential pieces of safety equipment when biking. In fact, experts have claimed that 4 out of 5 people were saved from having a head injury after a drastic bike accident. Here are the top reasons why bike helmets are necessary:


Reason 1: It Protects the Head


One of the obvious reasons why every biker needs a helmet is to protect the head in case of an accident. According to the 2008 report, an estimated number of bikers (over 1,800) were saved from having a serious head injury because they wore helmets. Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had attested that wearing a helmet can prevent serious injury at about 85 to 88 percent.


Reason 2: It Helps Increase Visibility


According to the experts, using helmet can increase visibility. While it is a no-brainer that the placement of the helmet is on the top of the biker’s head, it gives the drivers of larger automobiles a hint that a biker is using the same highway like everybody else. Also, most of the helmets have reflective strips that can be visible to most motorists even in the dark.


Reason 3: It Provides Protection Against Harsh Weather


Helmets are a perfect protection from the sun and rain. Weather is unpredictable; so, even if you are in the middle of a tournament, it will protect you from any kind of weather.


Reason 4: It Will Makes You Feel Responsible


When you are wearing your helmet, you are not just protecting yourself, but you are also protecting others by bringing awareness on how crucial wearing helmet can be. In fact, it is a social responsibility that promotes safe bicycling. Also, you set as a good example for young cyclists. In the 2010 report, there were 112 accidental deaths due to a head injury from bicycling without wearing any helmet. It could have been avoided if they understand the importance of wearing a helmet.


Additionally, even though the United States of America does not have any law that punishes cyclist who is not wearing a helmet, wearing one while on the road is a form of compliance as a good citizen. Being responsible should not only be based when there are rules to follow but as an adult, you have to set as an example for younger people to be safe while riding their bicycle on the road.


Wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle should never be an issue, there are best bike helmets under 100 dollars that are available in the market. If it’s about the price or the quality, there are remarkable helmets that are cheap, all you need to do is read some reviews and find which is more suitable. If it is about safety, you should never think twice buying a helmet. Accidents may happen anytime, whether you are riding your bike to waste time or to burn some calories, you should always consider wearing a helmet, because it is a small safety equipment that plays a huge role.