CatIt Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan Review

4Sometimes, it can be hard for us to buy what’s in the ad and think that this can be very bias. Hence, we turn to customer reviews and learn what the users of the product have to say. But regardless how you look at both sides; ads and customer reviews all sided to CatIt Litter Box. Hence, the awesome Catit litter box still came out the winner.


Among 5,000 customer reviews in Amazon, CatIt received 4.5 out of perfect 5 product rating. Well, we know that there is no such perfect product but CatIt is almost there. What customers love about it is its huge size. But the downside of such feature is the need to fill in more litter to the pan but a lot of cat owners don’t find this a disadvantage. But looking at all reviews, CatIt just rocks among its customers!


There are more reasons why Catit litter box is worth buying for. It makes a lot of difference to have a large size as well as a deep pan. This simply means it can accommodate more than one cat which is an advantage for households with more than one cat at home. This is also ideal for large cats. The deep pan feature makes it possible not to scatter the cat’s litter on the floor. Since it is deep, the box can contain the litter inside it. It also prevents the cat from sprinkling its pee outside the box since it is covered.


The CatIt box can also control the odor. It comes with a filter on its top that absorbs the odor before it spreads in the room. Hence, both the cat and the homeowner will enjoy having fresh air. And don’t worry about the lid since it is secured by the latches on the side of the box. Hence, the cover does not easily detach accidentally, unless you unlock it. And though the bag is somewhat heavy, you can still carry it through its easy carry handle. It also comes with a built-in bag anchor as well as filtration control that works in controlling dust as well.


Regardless of this litter box’s bells and whistles, some cats may not like them since they would rather have their toilets uncovered. That is why you need to observe your cat if it likes to do its thing privately or in the open. Another flaw of this box is the amount of litter it needs for the pan. Because of its size, you have to put on more litter than you usually do with regular litter boxes. Though CatIt is known for its durability, a few cat owners still complain about its weak lid hinges. This can be surprising though since many users find this thing robust. But regardless of how any product is built, the consumers will always have the last say since they are entitled to their own opinions. But if you want to be on the safe side, it is best to believe what the majority of its consumers have to say about it.1