Classic Bait to Put on Mouse Trap

Mouse catching can be a tricky thing especially when you do not have enough experience. Baits and traps may vary which will increase or decrease your chances accordingly. When you are thinking to have have a catch in first attempt you should be very careful and critical in your choice of effective bait. Every food has some pros and cons attached to it. You need a bit of luck too in each of your attempts. Hence you should try to be critical in picking bait for your mousetraps


Different food sources both organic and in organic can be tried as a bait. In modern world more sophisticated traps are also used.

Classic examples of food are cheese and other preserved food to catch a mouse because of its long life and nutritional value that attracts mouse instinct towards it. In today’s world, more modern food item like chocolate and cooked sausages are also preferred due to their strong and sweet aroma that also lasts longer. Some of the other studies have proven dried food sources like seeds and nuts to be more effective since they are not rotten or expired quickly and have longer shelf life plus more nutritional value that can be very helpful while catching a mouse or a rodent.

Classic and traditional aspects:

Mice can be a great problem since they destroy food item and clothing. They becomes extremely dangerous if they get fatal disease which they can spread in whole community. Mice and rodents spread at very fast pace since they reproduce very quickly and increase their population to thousands in no time. Right from very olden times, man has made a lots of traps of different types to catch mouse. Some efforts yielded excellent results while others proved to be of no use. Let us discuss some of effective food items that can be helpful.

  • Mouse have strong instinct towards more nutritional food since they want to consume less and get more energy out of it. Hence you should prefer food that has more nutritional value such as nuts, seeds etc.
  • Mice and rodents also has strong sense of smell and sniffing power that they use to track their food, hence whatever food you use must have a very good aroma like cooked sausages, chocolate and meat etc.
  • Do not use fresh food or fresh organic products like fresh meat which can be rotten very quickly and you have to change the bait every few hours.
  • Choose the food having greater life such as cheese that can be preserved for a longer time without danger of getting rotten This will increase your chances to a great deal.
  • Always set the trap at place that is easily assessable so that chances of mice to get their easily should be increased. This will help in quick catching since food has tendency to lose its aroma over time which is very critical for catching a mouse or a stray rodent that can be very irritating at times and you have to catch them to decrease their population.