Compelling Reasons Why Some People Grow Their Own Marijuana

2For the most part, people who need marijuana, be it for medical treatment purposes or for a recreational one get their supply from dispensaries. Dispensaries are becoming commonplace thanks to the gradual acceptance of marijuana as a legitimate treatment option. With so many positive results from medical studies, it’s foolish to keep denying the evidence that marijuana does wonders in treating a plethora of ailments, mostly of neurological in nature.

But with so many dispensaries around, some are compelled to wonder why there are those who are insistent on growing and curing their own weed. Here are some of the most common reasons why.

  1. It saves a ton of money.

Using marijuana can be costly. Regardless of what the purpose is, buying weed from dispensaries accrues to a substantial amount; an amount which could have been spent on slightly more important things. But let’s face it; if a person is using marijuana for medical treatment, there are few things that can be considered more important. Nevertheless, growing one’s own marijuana plants considerably cut expenses on it over time. Not only that, but growing weed can produce more than what one may need, opening up the possibility to sell the extra batches produced.

  • Rest easy on product quality.

To be fair, dispensaries are mostly true to their claims of marijuana quality especially since they have a legal obligation to adhere to. But it’s hard to deny that people are people and there will be some individuals or companies who will take advantage of others. And by taking advantage, it means in the context of marijuana distribution, meaning using low quality plants or low concentration. It’s risky business to point fingers even if there’s evidence on hand. To avoid such confrontations and risks, growing marijuana in the basement is recommended. Naturally, individuals who wish to cultivate their own weed should learn intricate growing tips such as picking top shelf genetics for buds as well asĀ lighting tips for marijuana. But it’s all well worth it in the end. Not to mention that learning more about marijuana through understanding how it is cultivated can make one an expert on marijuana, one way or another.

  • Room to try different strains.

While most dispensaries are in fact able to supply marijuana users with different strains, there are instances where supplies just can’t catch up with the demand. Not to mention that certain strains can cost slightly more than the other due to the nuances of the law of supply and demand. Weed growers can choose to grow a specific strain to fit their needs. Or they can grow different strains that the same time depending on their needs. This freedom of mixing and matching different strains and even different buds is in itself a compelling reason to grow weed.

On the other hand, there are some equally compelling reasons not to cultivate weed on one’s own. But it usually has something to do with rookie mistakes and lapses, which is why it’s of utmost importance to do due diligence and read up on how to grow a healthy batch of weed.