Considerations When Buying Staple Gun for the Home

2Homeowners are all too familiar with the frustrations of broken furniture. Or even something as mildly annoying as peeled off upholstery. The usual and widely considered decision for broken furniture is to call in an expert to fix whatever needs fixing. However, a lot of times, the homeowners themselves understand what needs fixing. Only that they are not able to do so because they don’t have the means, specifically the absence of tools. Fortunately, there’s a tool that can do pretty much most of the usual furniture problems in the household. A staple gun is a versatile tool which should never be absent in a house’s tool shed. However, as important as it is to buy one, there are some considerations that have to be looked into before choosing a certain model.

  • Size

The size of a staple gun determines how powerful it is. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the biggest ones around can handle every job available. The truth is that as the size goes up, the less ideal the staple gun becomes for repairing small issues, albeit still possible. Stores classify their staple guns, which makes it easy for homeowners to pick one that works best with them. An upholstery staple gun can already do a lot of work, and it’s usually the right option to go for. In some cases, households that use staple guns heavily may want to look into slightly larger staple gun choices.

  • Build Quality

Although staple guns work in a simple manner, and is extremely easy to use, it’s comprised of multiple parts that work together in precise harmony, all for the sake of punching that one staple wire out with accurate and powerful force. Staple guns that don’t meet quality standards shouldn’t be considered at all. Usually, these are ones that are priced so low that the old adage “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” fits pretty well. Unfortunately, for those who are buying from the Internet, checking build quality is hard to do personally. The good news is that there are numerous reviews and helpful websites like and others to check and review build quality and other technical specifications.

  • Type21

Choosing between a pneumatic and electric staple gun seems to be an obvious choice. And, well, it actually is. Most of the time, the most sensible option is an electric staple gun simply because it’s convenient and can get the job done with the same precise functions. If not better since electricity is more consistent than an air compressor. The air compressor is quite bulky, not to mention the noise it makes can get a bit jarring. In rare scenarios, however, pneumatic staple guns can be the better choice. These are scenarios wherein the house has no access to steady electrical current, which is obviously, quite a rare occurrence in the modern, tech-dependent world. Oh, and just to throw it out there, pneumatic staple guns have the advantage of being easier to maintain in addition to requiring fewer maintenance times.