Electric Hand Planers: The Top Reasons for Using Hand Planers

3Wood planers are considered one of the most important tools in woodworking industry; in fact, no professional or beginner is able to conclude their woodworking project without the touch of an electric hand-held planer. Even though on so many occasion where the planer and jointer are both confused with each other, it is prominent that the planer throws more clean, efficient and accurate woodworking result than the jointer. But, what does a wood planer do?


Traditionally, the non-electric hand planer is used to produce an even or a smoothly surfaced woodwork from a thick wood. Since the technology had touched the woodworking industry, the electric wood planer can now be used to create a smooth woodworking project even with a crucial and challenging design or style. How can a wood planer be useful? The benefits of using planers is huge in the woodworking industry, and to prove that, below are some of the top reasons for using hand planers taken from several reviews of quality electric hand planers.


Reason #1: Efficient and accurate shaping of woodworking project


There are a lot of things that carving and bench planers cannot do, and one of them is shaping, smoothening, flattening thick surfaces, and creating a fine woodworking result that only hand planers can do. The industry where the electric hand planers are designed and produced have introduced so many models in the market and most of them have specific task and roles, producing woodworking projects accurate and precise in shaping, and providing efficient woodworking task.


Reason #2: Smoother output


Nothing beats hand planers when it comes to providing a smoother output. Even though sandpapers are used to smoothen uneven surfaces and edges, electric hand planers are capable of providing quality result faster and efficient. Having higher power amps, every woodworking task becomes easy, even on a hard material. Additionally, the caliber of most electric hand planer as powered tools, are ideal tools to take huge woodworking task that involves operating heavy and sturdy materials.


Reason #3: Can snag longer and shorter areas.


Woodworking can be a difficult task, especially when it involves intricate designing and styles, which is the reason why having handheld electric planers are useful. Although the main task of planers does not involve smoothening delicate and shorter areas, in several cases, the planer is a perfect tool to snag over shorter areas fast.

Also, the electric hand-held planer is a perfect tool to work on surfaces that need longer strokes; without it, most of the woodworking projects would take too much of time and effort. There a lot of good reason why a woodworking professional or enthusiast must include electric hand-held planers on their bucket list and pointing them out one by one can be very exhausting.


However, one thing to point out, electric handheld planer does a very good job when it comes to making wood furniture. It makes every professional life easy when creating varieties of woodworking projects. If you think you want to know many things about electric hand-held planers, try visiting The Best Power Toolz’ website anytime.17