Facts About Nutri Edge Ninja BL456 to Know Before Buying

Nutri Ninja is a well-known professional blender. This manufacturer of quality blenders has been around for several years continuously creating innovative solutions for food preparation. Moreover, this brand is one of the top recommended blender names in the industry for its durable and long-lasting kitchen appliances.


If you are searching for a great blender for smoothies and protein shakes , Nutri Ninja has an efficient appliance in store for you.

Enter the Nutri Edge BL456 by Ninja.

The Nutri Edge BL456 is a basic personal blender model of Ninja product line. This kitchen appliance is excellent for making smoothies and protein shakes. Aside from preparing shakes, you can use this item for blending all sorts of ingredients even the toughest ones.

Are you curious about what this item can do?

If you are planning to buy this blender, below are the facts you should know about this product.


The Nutri Edge has a versatile design. This item is efficient in multitasking. You can do various food preparation tasks without a struggle. Here are things you can do using this personal blender model.

  • Smoothies and shakes
  • Juicing
  • Frozen desserts and ice crushing
  • Hot liquid jobs
  • Purees, chopping and mixing
  • Grinding
  • Dough kneading and pancake batter mixing
  • Nut milk and nut butter

Speed Control

This item is operated using one speed with a pulse function. Hence, you’ll have to press down the top cup against the base unit in short intervals to blend the ingredients. You will have to repeat the process until you reach the desired food consistency. Although, it does not offer flexibility in blending process, however, this design is quite easy to use.

If you prefer one with programmable speed settings, choose the more advanced versions of Nutri Ninja blenders.

Motor Power

The Nutri Edge has a powerful motor that operates in 900W. Such power allows the equipment to crush tough ingredients and do heavy-duty blending. You don’t have to worry about the item from overheating. It features a safety system that automatically shuts off the machine once it reaches the maximum heat. This appliance requires 30 minutes of cooling time before it is ready to use again.

Blade Design

The Nutri Edge features a one blade assembly that is attached to the cup. The blades are made of durable stainless steel. It can cut and break any ingredients with ease.

The blades of Nutri Edge can get dull after a few months of use. The good news is this; you can easily find replacements in the market for this type of model.


Today, you’ll find personal blenders with slim mixing tank shaped for portability. The Nutri Edge is also an on the go blender. You don’t have to pour your shake or smoothie into another container after blending. You can bring the mixing tank wherever you go.

The Nutri Edge Ninja BL456 is guaranteed quality and high-performing personal blender. For sure, you probably have questions about this item. If you do, consult the Prime Shop Kitchen for additional details regarding this product.

What are you waiting for? Start a healthy diet today using Nutri Edge!