Fixing a Slow Running Machine

A sluggish machine would be caused by a lot of things that you ignored to take charge at the first place. If you continue with it sewing, it would completely shut down. These not good take care of your valued asset and learn how to fix your sewing machine will solve your problem.

What can cause the slow pace?

There are a number of causes that would make your machine to slow down. Some of this related issue would be a worn out drive belt, the building up of the lint on the machine drive and lack of proper lubricants. The best answer is to find for a solution on any of this.

Oiling the machine

To prevent the machine from working, lubricate the machine early in advance. This will also save you from wasting your time. Oiling the machine regularly prevents sticking of the gear drive, movement of the feed dog and causing the needle to sluggish.

If you use your machine frequently, oil it on a regular basis. The machine knocks down loudly if you fail to oil it. If it has not been working for some time, oil it before you start using it. If there would be any leakages, wipe off the oil using a scrub fabric.

Clean away the formed debris from your machine after oiling. If you find difficulties or confusion get your manual oil read and follow the instructed procedure. You may also get help from your instructor or even an expert to guide you.

Checking on your drive belt

You should never ignore a worn out drive belt. Trying to postpone when to tackle the issue can cause a slip while you are busy. It will end up causing a slow movement that you may dislike. Breaking of the belt after ignoring will cause the hand wheel not to move.

Due to its function to keep transferring the rotation of the motor to upper shaft and hand wheel, the bobbin will also stop. Take the great step to discover the problem of the drive belt. It is broken or too old to function, replacing it is the best solution.

What of the drive motor?

The drive motor moves the belt, spinning the upper shaft and hand wheel. If it fails to run after the foot pedal activates it, then there is an issue that needs to be fixed. It may also bring some irritating noise this causes the motor not to drive the belt easily. This also requires replacement of a new one.

Cleaning the machine

Cleaning of a machine is an important task to put in practice. Formation of lint on the shuttle race and feed dogs may halt the machine from performing well. Clean these parts regularly then you can oil it afterwards. It keeps your machine in good condition.


Proper maintenance of the machine keeps it in proper working condition. It helps you to avoid the machine from slowing. Early maintenance will save you from a complete breakdown of the machine. Taking care of your possession is a wise investment.