Floor Jack Maintenance Tips: A Helpful Guide

A hydraulic floor jack is one of the primary tools in automotive care and maintenance. This piece of useful equipment supports faster and easier tire changing as well as lifting heavy objects. If you own a car or run an auto workshop, you definitely need one of these tools.


The performance and life span of a hydraulic floor jack depends on your ability to provide proper maintenance. Poor care can reduce the lifespan of the equipment despite its high-grade construction and quality. Thus, if you want your floor jack to serve you well for several years, make sure to do correct maintenance and care on the item.

Taking care of a floor jack is simple. There are online sources like the http://autoaidoutlet.com that provide useful details on how to properly use and take care of this tool. If you need a simple guide about floor jacks, the Auto Aid Outlet can help you.

To start with, here are a few steps about correct hydraulic floor jack maintenance.

#1 Regular Inspection for Damages

Although floor jacks can tolerate heavy lifting, it does not entail the equipment is completely invulnerable to damages. Small cracks, loose bolts, and any damage can affect the item’s performance. Moreover, a damaged floor can cause accidents.

Doing regular inspection allows you to prevent these damages from getting worse and completely ruining the equipment. Also, it helps you to avoid spending so much money on repairing huge damages or buying a new floor jack.

#2 Always Keep it Clean

Regular cleaning is important to preserve the look and performance of a hydraulic floor jack. Cleaning a floor jack is easy. All you need to do is wipe the equipment using a clean cloth. Make sure to wipe all the surfaces with a lightly oiled cloth. Wiping the exposed grease prevents the dust and dirt from collecting on the surface especially on the nuts and bolts.

Aside from the above advice, do a thorough cleaning on the item at least once a year to remove any dirt or grease build-up.

#3 Oil the Jack Wheels and Hinges

Oiling the floor jack wheels and hinges is one thing you must not forget. Keeping the item’s moving parts lubricated enhances its performance.

Remember that a floor jack requires thorough cleaning from time to time. However, make sure to re-grease the equipment once the old grease on the tool is removed. Furthermore, replace the hydraulic oil occasionally to assure smooth operation.

#4 Storing

There is a correct way of storing a hydraulic floor jack. It must stand upright not on its side. A jack that is kept on its side can cause leakage. Moreover, do not forget to release all pressure on the tool before storing it.


The key to prolonging the life of your hydraulic floor jack is regular inspection, cleaning, and correct storing.  Ignoring these steps can cause immediate damage to your tool.

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