From Karaoke to Music

From Karaoke to Music

As an avid singer, I’ve devoted much of my life to singing. I remember being a young child and pushing my little lungs to their limit with my dad’s personal Karaoke Machine. Still, to this day, I love getting up on stage at my local bar and singing the night away, and I think I share my passion with the majority of the world.

As you can probably expect, I’ve tried and tested quite a lot of Karaoke Machines through my life, and I now document my findings through my website. Apart from providing reviews, I also provide helpful tips on how to improve your vocals, how to best enjoy Karaoke and what features to look out for when purchasing a Karaoke Machine. Each machine has different features, and different brands incorporate different technologies into their machines, so it’s important to know what you’re buying and what it’s going to do for you. If you’re in the market for a new Karaoke Machine, hopefully my unbiased reviews will provide some insight into the build-quality, microphone quality, speaker quality and other vital aspects of karaoke machines.

There may be several reasons why you would want to buy a karaoke machine for your own use. Almost everyone loves to sing and having a karaoke machine is one fun way to do so without being too embarrassed. If everyone else is singing, you may be more apt to give it a try and by using a karaoke machine, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the lyrics.

If you have teenagers in your home, it’s a good way for them to entertain themselves, along with their friends. They can sing their favorite hit songs and have fun seeing who knows all the lyrics and who has to look at the screen constantly.


Yamaha’s YPG-235 adds to their popular Portable Grand Series – and it’s packed with a host of great features, especially given its modest price. There’s a 6-track sequencer onboard for immediate song-building, as well as a music database of 267 setups, listed by song title to get your creativity flowing – plus it uses Flash ROM memory, so you can easily download more songs to your YPG-235. Its 76-key design gives you enough keys to express yourself, but helps keep it light enough to carry anywhere your music takes you. Plus, it has a USB connection so you can easily use the Yamaha YPG-235 with your computer.

You’ll enjoy the YPG-235’s onboard 6-track sequencer – great for capturing moments of inspiration, and building onto them right away. The YPG-235’s Easy Song Arranger feature actually allows you to remix MIDI files so you can play them your own way, while the YPG has 489 quality XGlite/GM voices for even more expressive playing. You can use layer and split modes to further enhance your sound – playing bass notes with your left hand, and controlling a string section with your right!

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