Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager Review

One of the most recommended relaxing methods for people suffering from chronic pains is a good body massage. A good massage helps your body relax and lessen the pain as well. There are different massage chairs which are designed for use by such people and one of the best massage chairs on the market today is the Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager. It is easy to control and use plus is gives excellent results as well.

Key features of Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager

Different vibrating points

The chair is equipped with different vibrating points which ensure that the main body parts are covered and massaged. So it touches the areas around the neck, the entire back and even the hip area. These are some of the major parts that are affected by pains and thus the device is designed to ensure total relaxation of these areas of the body.

Precise spot set massage

Sometimes you may not want to massage the entire body or rather you don’t have time to have the full body massage. In such situations, Gideon seat cushion massager is designed with precise spot setting whereby one can set the chair to give one area massage effect. For example, if you are experiencing some back pain and you need to rush to work, you can set the chair to offer back massage only and leave the other parts of the body.

Different massage options

The massage chair is designed with a total of four massage modes which are rolling, kneading, tapping and also pulsating. So, this gives you an opportunity of selecting the mode of massage you need but, the best part is that you can choose all modes to happen simultaneously.

The remote control

This magnificent massaging chair allows you to be the boss and control its functioning. It is equipped with a remote control which has all the necessary changing modes. Therefore, all you require to do is press the change mode and you will be good to go. The remote also makes it easy for one to control the precise spot mode.

Different timer settings

This is one of the features that make this massage chair to be recommended by most people including. This is because it has different time setting whereby you can easily set the timer depending on the extent of the pain you are feeling. The time ranges between 15 to 30 minutes respectively. So, if you want a long massage you can set the time to last for 30 minutes and vice versa.

The presence of the buckle

Due to the high vibration which is caused by this massage chair, it is designed with buckles to keep you in one position. The buckle allows you to sit in one position for better massage results.


Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager is the best massaging chair for people who want different massaging modes and results. It is designed to cover the main parts of the body to give excellent results, and thus you are guaranteed to achieve a relaxed body from the massage chair.