How to Find the Right Shoes For You?

Will you be shopping for a new pair of shoes soon? We know that it could be a tough choice especially if you are in a huge shoe store with a lot of options available. However, in choosing the right shoes, you should always consider other things aside from fashion – despite it being the first reason why you’re getting one. One of the essential things that you should consider is whether your feet will be in good shape and feel comfortable with your shoe choice.


Here are some tips that you can follow to find the right pair of shoes for you:

  1. Examine the shoe’s soles

Do you think the soles are sturdy enough to protect you on a daily basis? We all know that our feet can encounter different sharp objects that could harm our feet. Aside from the protection, it must also provide you comfort so you might as well check for the cushioning. To know exactly how the shoes would feel on your feet, you can try walking around the store. If possible, you can try using it on a hard floor and on a surface covered with carpet to know the feels on both.

  1. Feel the interior

The right shoes must not have anything that can irritate you while wearing it. With that said, we recommend that you check the interior of the shoes for seams, tags, or any object that can get in the way of your comfort.

  1. Pay attention to measurement

Pay attention to both length and width. If you feel like your feet are compressed, you can try asking for a wider size. Take note that getting shoes that are half-size bigger would not do any help. It should be wider and not bigger to offer you comfort.

  1. Trust your own comfort level

Even though the shoe is the right size and measurement, you should never purchase it if it doesn’t feel comfortable on your feet. The sizes can vary depending on who manufactured the shoe. Advertisements might say that they offer the best comfort, but it’s still your decision whether it’s really comfortable or not.

  1. Walk around in the shoes

This tip is essential for everyone. Walk around while wearing the shoes to know how it feels when you wear it. Your shoes should have enough space at the balls of your feet. Moreover, it should not slip off or pinch and must fit snugly. It is not true that the shoes will feel comfortable when it has been broken in. We recommend that you purchase shoes that fit and feel comfortable from the start.

  1. Stand in the shoes

While wearing the shoes, try to press the top of the shoe to check if there’s at least a half-inch space between the shoe end and your longest toe. With the extra room, your feet can freely move forward as you walk or do other activities. You can wiggle your shoes to ensure that there’s enough space.

There are other ways that you can ensure the right fit. Click to find out more about getting the right shoes for you.