How to fix a floor jack that leaks

If you are a person, who normally work around different types of vehicles, then you must know how to use a floor jack. Typically, you could also be looking for a guide on how to fix a leaking floor jack. You should not worry since this is the right place for you. However, you should also be very careful when it comes to buying floor jacks.

Typically, it is very challenging to identify a reliable and genuine vendor. This is because they are very many in the market. Nevertheless, you should consult before buying. A poorly manufactured jack will not serve you long. On the other hand, you should avoid buying cheap products. Below is a guideline on how you should fix your leaking jack.

Place jack on the working surface

For you to fix your leaking jack, you should place it on a flat solid place. Since the floor jack could be heavy, it is important to consider the surface. It should be heavy and strong. Clear all the obstacles or debris, which could be on the surface.

Loosen the valve screw. Generally, you will be required to loosen the screw valve. Typically, the screw lowers and raises the entire jack using the handle. Using the jack handle, turn the screw anti-clockwise direction.

Stand the floor jack on the end

Soon after loosening the valve screw, hold the jack upright so that the screw is directed towards the ceiling. Support the jack using heavy objects or clamps, which can withstand the weight of your jack. Continue unscrewing until you successfully remove it.

Drain all the fluid from the jack.

The high chances could be, if the jack has leaked, then there might be some debris in that fluid. Take a container and use it to drain all the fluid from the valve screw hole. After All the fluid is drained, stand your jack back on its end.

The floor jack fluid and functionality

  •  Faulty Typically, one of the major reasons why your floor jack could be leaking is due to damaged O-ring. The ring is found on the valve screw. You can remove it using a flat handle screwdriver. Use a rag to clean the valve screw and install another new ring.
  • Put fluid in the jack  Generally, your floor jack will not offer you the best services until you put the fluid. It is very important to use the recommended jack fluid by the manufacturer. Get a funnel and use it to direct the fluid into the valve hole. Fill the fluid until it reaches the same level with the threads.
  • Replace the valve screw  Once you have filed the valve hole with enough fluid. You can tighten the screw in the clockwise direction. As soon as you have finished and the fluid does not leak, level the jack back to its wheels. It is important to move the jack handle up and down to make sure that the fluid is evenly distributed in your floor jack.

Final Thought

If you are a new person, you can use the above information. However, you can consult your family members and friends.