How to Make a Quilt

Quilting is fun, it represents a relaxing way to fill in your free time and if you are a very creative person and know how to combine shapes and colors, you can create some really original quilts which can become an additional source of income. If you are still a beginner in this field and don’t know much about quilting, then the article below is a must read for all beginners. You will learn how to prepare for the work on the quilt and then learn about the steps which you need to follow in order to create a great piece. Check it out and we can assure you that you will gather a lot of useful information.

1. The preparation and getting your supplies. This is the first important step that you need to take in order to create a great quilt. You will have to choose the cutting tools, which need to be of a good quality and sharp, so you can speed up the process. Rotary cutters of different sizes and scissors are recommended. You will also need a cutting mat and a ruler; the ruler has to be extra-long and made of transparent plastic. You will also need sewing basics such as straight pins and safety pins and you will also have to choose the thread, which comes in numerous materials and sizes. The most important step in preparing the quilt and getting the supplies is choosing the fabric; here, you are only limited by your creativity. A sewing machine and an iron will also be needed along the way, so get one of each if you don’t have them in the house already.

2. Starting your quilt. Once you have all the necessary supplies, you can start the actual work on your quilt. Begin with prewashing the fabric because this will shrink it and it will also rise any extra dye; these are both things that might ruin the quilt after it is done so it is best to do these before, then you need to press the material and you can finally begin the measurements and the cutting. Cut the big pieces first and continue with the small ones. The next step is to lay out the quilt and to stack up the rows.

3. Quilting the fabric. Once all the above are completed, you can quilt the fabric by sewing the rows and pressing them. You can then sew the rows together and press the quilt front.

4. Putting everything together. Last but not least, you need to put everything together. Cut all the rests and the threads, baste the quilt and sew all the layers together. You then need to cut, press, pin and sew the binding and fold it over so you can finish it. This is basically the step which also finishes the quilt.

It is important to follow all of the above steps; otherwise, you might end up not being happy with the resulted quilt. I know that all these steps require a lot of work but follow them accordingly and your quilt will look great.