How to Refill a Bean Bag Chair

After some time of use, you may realize that your bean bag chair has gone flat. When you notice this, it is an indication that you need to refill it. Even though find bean refilling tiresome and boring you can do best if you follow the following steps. You, however, need to have a handyman to assist you with the filling since a one-person job can be tedious.

In this article, I discuss the steps you need to follow to know how to refill a bean bag Chair. The steps are easy to follow, and you will use less time to have the task completed. They include;

Prepare your working space

For a successful refilling, you have to ensure you do in indoors in a spacious place where the wind does not blow. Wind may blow off the beans since they are lightweight. Also, you have to ensure that they are no kids and pets around. Purchase a bean bag cover that has a lining to make the task easier. By this, you can change covers if they get dirty. You working should be free from dirt so that you can collect the beans when they spill. In this case, a tiled, timber or a linoleum floor is recommended.

Make a funnel

You can make a funnel from a plastic bucket or a waste paper bin. Remove the lower end of the bin to create a funnel. You will use the funnel to pour the beans into the bean bag inner lining. Unzip the inner liner zip safely using a corn cob holder. Open a small area whereby you fill fix the funnel. Insert the funnel on the area and tighten the zipper around it to have a firm grip.

Fill the Beanbag chair

Pour your already purchased bean bag filling into the funnel. One person should hold onto the funnel while the other introduces the bag fillings into the funnel. Gradually pour the beans taking care that you do not spill them. Depending on how the flow to the inner liner, determine the speed to use. Make sure that the bean bag is not stuffed with many beans filling to avoid stress while zipping. When you put too much bag filling, you may induce stress on the stitches of the zipper. It is recommended to make the beanbag only two-thirds full to its capacity. By this, it makes it easier to zip and also, when an adult rest some weight on it, it may not affect the seams.

Once done filling the inner lining, remove the funnel and zip up. Then, place the filed bean bag liner back to its cover.


Once you are done refilling your bean bag chair, you have to leave your working area clean. Make sure you assemble all your spilled bean filling and store them safely for re-using. Use a vacuum cleaner that does not damage the beans. It is also very crucial that the floor is left impeccable since they can cause suffocation to kids and pets when swallowed.

Bean bag chair filling is not a daunting task as many make it sound. With the above tips, you are well acquainted with the task, and you will have it completed within minutes.