How to Restring a Weed Eater

A weed eater is a farm tool that is used to trim farmyards. Weedeater is used by farmers in clearing their farms. Weed eaters are very efficient in weeding but they need special protection. For the machines to last for long, they should be maintained well. In any case of damage, the machines need to be repaired. The tool can cut both soft and hard items. A weed eater needs to be handled with a lot of care to prevent it from damages. Lack of restringing of the tool makes it cut some hard materials which expose it to wear and tear. A proper restring should be done to protect this tool from damages. For the restring to be successful, here are steps to follow.

Steps in restringing a weed eater

Once the machine is not working to the expectations it means that restringing should be done. The first step in restringing is to ensure that you buy the right restringing line. The lines range from 0.065 inches to 0.095 inches. Before you restring you weed eater, you are supposed to consult the manufacturer to know the size of our weed eater machine. A correct line should be used for the replacement to prevent further damage.

The second step

Accessing the spool: The spool cover is removed off and turned in a clockwise motion. It is also important to check whether there is a security device ring which should be removed. The automatic feed button is also taken off.

The third step

Cleaning up the debris: During this stage, all kinds of grass and weeds that are stacked in the machine should be removed. The owner should ensure the machine is spotlessly clean.

The fourth step

Releasing of the machine: In this step, the spool of the machine is released. The spool is pushed down to ensure that all locking tabs are released. After releasing the spool, the replacement line should be fed and wrapped to the machine. As a way of protecting the line, the owner of the machine is advised to wrap it in an inverted J motion.

The last step

Making the line is secure: Before the weed eater machine is put into use again, it is important to ensure the replaced line is secure. Both ends of the line are grabbed at the same time to observe whether there is any locking ring. In case of any rocking ring, the line should be adjusted.

Precautions to be taken in operation of weed eater

The above steps need to be followed carefully for the replacement to be successful. Apart from the restringing weed eater, the machine also needs to be taken care off. While operating the machine, ensure that you do not cut hard objects such as stones, this will make the machine become less efficient.

Weedeatermachine has very sharp cutting edges. These edges are very dangerous. Any person operating this machine should stay far away from the cutting edges. The user of this machine should also have enough knowledge of how to use it. The machine should be used for the right purpose.