How to Tie On a Chatter bait

If you are a fishing enthusiast and you are keen on catching more fish, you need chatterbait. This is an instrument that can attract more fish through its vibration, motion, color and the sound it produces to tease fish. It is the most popular fishing lure known and works correctly if used in dirty, muddy water.

A chatterbait is well known for its efficiency in fishing, especially for angling. However, many have confessed that tying it correctly is and has been a challenge. You, however, need to learn how to tie on a chatter bait to enjoy its effectiveness. The following steps and tricks will offer you comprehensive guidance o how to use it effectively;

Connect the blade to the chatter bait

Every chatterbait comes with an edge connected to it. On the blade is a fastened loop, where a fishing line can go through. Any fishing line will work here. Taking the chatter bait by its blade, pass the fishing line through. Ensure that you pull enough cord through the loop, at least to the length you want to suspend your bait. 4-5 feet of the line will be sufficient if you will be fishing in open water. If on the other hand, you are catching in shallow water, you might need about 1-2 feet in length of the line.

Double the line

When passing the fishing line through the loop of its blade, you should leave enough room on the wire to make a knot at its end. Double the line by taking it back through the eye of the loop you have just created. You can do this 2-4 times depending on what you prefer. Pull the line again, but ensure you leave enough space for the chatter bait to pass through.

Connect chatter bait to the fish hook

The fish hook will help keep your chatter bait in place and in controlling it, therefore connect the two using the fishing line. The fish pole should hang on the chatter bait to control the caught fish. Always test the whole connection is as required and firm enough before starting your fishing escapade. Now that the chatter bait is ready, you can start catching fish.


It is not always easy to catch fish, but chatter bait can help you maximize your chances of success. Fishing is a fantastic pastime, and if you are successful, it can help you relieve stress, and also get you a meal for your family and even income. When you opt for bass fishing, chatterbaits are your best option. This is because they are well known as the best techniques for this kind of fishing. However, the choice of a chatterbait and your skill on tying it is a major determinant to the quality of fishing you will have. It is recommended that you always go for the chatterbait that looks most natural to effectively lure the fish. Now that you have all the tips and techniques on your finger tips, go catch fish!