In the League of Healers

medical technicianWorking in the medical field can not only be rewarding but also financially beneficial to both you and your family. If you are considering employment in medicine it may be a challenge to discover which one is the right option for you. The best way to remedy this problem is to do thorough research of the different areas of study you are interested in and then rate the pros and cons. Here are a couple of different options available to you.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner must obtain a degree in science, medicine, or biology and then obtain your medical degree. It will take you awhile to complete but it is definitely worth it. You may be wondering how long it takes to become a nurse practitioner. It will take approximately 6-8 years of schooling.

It is important that a nurse practitioner is trained in a number of different areas so not only are they trained for almost any type of career but they make themselves more competitive in the job market. They typically work for clinics, offices, and managed care organizations. You will also find nurse practitioners in schools and universities as well as health centers for employees.

Nurse practitioners have the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks but their primary focus is on physical exams and treating acute and common injuries and illnesses. Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who provide patients with care throughout the entire lifespan from infants to the elderly. They also have the ability to help people manage their blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and various other health concerns.


EMTs provide care for sick and injured people who need emergency medical treatment. This is a high-stakes position that requires professionals to act quickly and accurately, thinking on their feet as care for patients in chaotic situations. There are guides that will review the basics of the profession and provides a strong focus on the educational steps needed to enter the field. Interested students can also learn about average salaries and projected job growth for this exciting field.

Becoming an emergency medical technician or paramedic can take anywhere from one to three years, depending on a student’s choice of career and educational path. EMT training focuses on life support techniques in first-response situations, including CPR, tourniquet application, and treatment of wounds. Paramedics deliver more advanced procedures and therefore require more extensive education and training.

Regardless which medical field area that you choose you are sure to be doing a service to others. Even though it takes a bit of time to obtain your degree in these fields, you will find a number of rewards from taking the time to do so.