Is Your Credit Healthy Enough?

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One of the more common questions we get on this blog is “what’s the easiest credit card to get and why? “. Rather than answering the same question over and over again via e-mail, let’s answer it here instead.

It’s a pretty simple question, with a pretty simple answer. It depends. Some people want to know the answer to this question because they have bad credit that they want to improve and others ask because they don’t have a credit history at all. I’m going to break the answer down into two different answers and address these two subsets of people separately to make things simple. Before we do this, a simple disclaimer:

Don’t put any charges on your credit card unless you can pay them in full. Credit card issuers charge a very high APY and it’s very easy to fall into a cycle of debt that you can’t get under from. If you need a personal loan, speak to your local credit union instead.

If you have really bad credit, then it can be extremely difficult to get approved for any cards as card issuers don’t want to extend you any credit due to the associated risk. It’s important to understand how big this risk is for card issuers, somebody with a FICO score of 800-850 has an average delinquency rate (late payment or no payment made at all) of 1% where somebody with a score of 600-649 has an average delinquency rate of 31%. If somebody had a 31% chance of paying you late, or not paying you at all would you loan them money? Likely not. There are still options for people with bad credit, let’s have a look at those.


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