Kitchen Essentials

A kitchen will never be complete without a stove. It is very essential to cook the food that you like for breakfast, lunch and dinner even some of your snacks can be made on top of the stove. A lot of stove tops are already invented to make the lives easy at home and even restaurants. Some use burners while others use induction stoves. Induction stoves are known to be more efficient and practical for others. It is safer to use and will most likely lessen the cleaning area.



The earliest stove ever recorded was an open fire way back thousands of years ago fueled with wood; though this is still being used in the modern days during the outdoor activities like hiking, camping and even fishing. It is not very efficient and proven to be dangerous so the Europeans created a type of stove which can be used indoors and much safer than the open fire.

It is made up of brick walls on three sides and was covered with an iron panel to place a pot on it; they call it the rudimentary stove. Japanese and Chinese also have the same concept of stove which is made up of clay which they called the “kamado”. The first iron stove was said to be invented during the 18th century and this includes the one that was made by Benjamin Franklin which was said to be developed during 1742. The stove then evolved and improved as time pass by.

During the 1820, the first gas stoves were developed and were not placed commercially until 1880 because of the limited growth of the pipe system. The first gas stoves were huge so it was difficult to either move it in or plainly just move it inside the house. It was then merged with an oven and the size was reduced to fit it in the kitchen better. During the 1930 technology has improved and electronic stoves made their way in the market taking over the gas stoves especially in the kitchen. These electric stoves have evolved and were now developed to induction stoves which use electromagnetic induction that requires special cookwares with ferromagnetic bottoms.


When you cook a lot of dishes and you have a lot of cookwares for different styles of cooking, you may sometimes interchange the things that you use or may damage some of these when not used properly like plugging an 110v oven to a 220v outlet will eventually damage the appliances.

The price of the induction stove together with induction pots and pans are normally higher than the regular ones that you can find in the supermarket. With that, the user has to be very careful not to damage these expensive cookwares. For example, one should be very keen on washing the non-stick pans too avoid damaging or scratch. In order to do this, use a very soft sponge or tissue to wash it. Also, use the induction cookwares only to the induction stove to avoid damaging it.  Start using induction pots and pans on a gas stove for more efficient cooking experience.