Making it as a Songbird

Making it as a Songbird

A job in the field of music is a great option for individuals who are truly passionate about music. Music has the power to do a lot of things for a large number of people. Music is not just about performing, often times it is about healing and bringing joy. There are so many career fields to choose from that it leaves the door wide open in terms of the impact you want to make on others. These two career choices are great options for people looking to help people through the beauty of music.

Music Therapy

Music therapists have a very important job. They have the opportunity to heal people with music. If you want to know how to become a music therapist, keep reading.

They work with individuals to assist them with illnesses or mental, physical and mental issues. Occasionally a GP or other healthcare professional refers to a patient to a music therapist. Others look for this exceptional form of treatment by themselves as a way enhance their communication abilities or to repair tension. Music therapists often work with individuals who have physical or cognitive disabilities. No matter their age or situation, several customers experience a significant, more affluent life due to music therapy. Music therapists may be seen in hospitals, universities, rest homes, community facilities and prisons. Dependent on where they perform, the music therapist may connect to other healthcare providers.

Being a music therapist requires effort and commitment. For those that love music and are enthusiastic about enhancing others’ lives, it is a career field that is rewarding. In the very least, the music therapist must hold an undergraduate degree and finish of clinical training during which they’re supervised by a licensed professional. The therapist is prepared to practice after passing a national certification exam.


A songwriter typically works on a freelance basis and has the opportunity to write their own songs and share them with the world. Sometimes they perform them other times they write them so others can perform them. They have the opportunity to work with a number of different musicians and producers to help them create beautiful music. You can take courses to help you be better at what you do but a formal education is not required to become a songwriter. As a songwriter you will have the freedom to work as much or as little as you prefer.

Regardless of which career field you choose, both of these have the ability to help others in a big way. Helping others with beautiful music can be very rewarding and takes a lot of passion and dedication. If this sounds like you, then either of these careers would be good choices for you.

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