Manage Your Fat Loss With The Omron 514c Body Composition Monitor

Omron 514c

The Omron 514 c body composition monitor is clinically validated and recognized as a medical device that monitors the body composition and offers extensive insight into the BMI, visceral and body fat, resting metabolism, and the skeletal muscle levels.

Omron 514c Body Composition Monitor Features

  • The full body sensor device measures seven different body fitness indicators.
  • It also accurately measures body far percent using proven algorithms
  • It has an easy to read digital screen that displays body weight up to 330 pounds
  • It has up to 4 individual profile settings with a 90-day retention memory
  • It can be used by adults who measure up to 6’63/4 if their weight value become abnormally high or low since it is retractable

While using the monitor, place it on a hard and level floor

How Does It Work?

The bioelectrical impedance has been clinically approved for use. The full body sensor monitor device sends small electrical signals through the entire body from hand to foot. It calculates the arm-to-foot total body water.

It is important to note that the water ratios in the upper and lower change throughout the day. Gravity tends to pull more water to the lower extremities creating a variance in electrical impedance of the body. For instance, when there is so much water in the legs, other monitors may display incorrect readings.

According to a popular omron hbf 514c review, it gives accurate measurements from the hand and feet. It reduces the influence of water movement which may affect the body composition results.

A trained physical trainer or doctor can take the measurements.

Manage Your Fat Loss

The Omron 514c Body Composition Monitor measures and records the body fat. It gives you a complete picture of the body’s condition besides the weight only. The full body sensor has seven fitness indicators that work hand in hand which paints a clearer image of the body’s condition
The body fat percentage indicator will help you track if you are losing weight. Body fat percentage progress determines if you are losing fat compared to other weight loss techniques.

Body mass index measures of the overall body fat and is calculated using your height and weight. People with an abnormally high BMI are at risk of being obese. The skeletal muscles help burn 22 percent of calories. Proper diet and exercise routines help to build and maintain the skeletal muscles. It also helps avoid injuries or rebound weight gain.

The visceral body fat protects the vital organs in the stomach region. The excessive visceral fat goes unnoticed since it is not visible from the outside. Excessive fat causes heart diseases and type-2 diabetes.

The resting metabolism helps maintain every day body functions at a minimum level of caloric intake. Knowing your resting metabolism rate helps you determine your diet based on your weight loss and maintenance needs. The body age indicator calculates the weight, skeletal muscle, and body fat percentage. The resulting figures are an indication of your body age in relation to your age.