Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel ¼ Hex Imp Driver Review

The Milwaukee tool is continually working in advancing their M18 line to more innovative functions that will make work easier in the fields. They refer to this as disruptive innovation. Actually, some of the advance mechanism they are working on will ensure the users are having an easy time in controlling their tools, for proper installation of the bolts and the nuts. This tool is considered the best and most powerful in its category. You will find the gun very manageable in its size and quite easy to manoeuvre. If you need to climb the ladder and fix something above, then this is the ideal tool for you. It has a belt holder that is great when climbing. The settings are easy to adjust with the help of the buttons.

Milwaukee 2753-20 m18 fuel ¼ hex impact driver, is quite solid. The tool has different categories of the speed, which allow a better control of soft materials. The tool having 1800 in-libs to fasten torque, it has 4 different modes of driving in the screw to the surface. One of the modes is for helping when driving screws in metals. You will realize that this tool drives screws quite fast compared to the other previous model. All the power is manageable by Milwaukee control system.

Types of modes in Milwaukee tool

  • 0-850 RPM
  • 0-2100 RPM
  • 0-3000 RPM
  • Self-tapping mode

Since it is a fuel model, it has power state brushless engine. it has also Red lithium battery and redlink intelligence, which helps in preventing damages within the tool. The damages might be brought about by overheating or overloading.

Features in the tool

  • LED work light
  • 3.1 lbs weight
  • 1/4″ hex chuck
  • 5.25″ long
  • 0-3,000 RPM
  • 0-3,700 IPM
  • 1,800 in-lbs max torque

Control, Speed and Power

Just like a sports car, this item contains all modes that you might need to control impact driver. This tool has been tested and used in the projects. Therefore, you will be buying a tool that is designed to meet all your needs. The tool is much available in many stores. The beauty of it all is the fact that you can control the speed while driving the screws. It increases the power gradually and systematically to its last speed. Therefore, this is something that is worth investing in. The size of this model is quite less compared to the previous model. The unit’s head is small than battery attached. If you are a person who looks for performance in tools, then this is the best impact driver that you can ever have.

The tool is quite versatile I both heavy and light applications. It is the leading impact driver when it comes to cordless tools. Always ask for manufacturer’s instruction and guide on using the tool. It is very important to avoid buying a used one. Nevertheless, you can opt to save your money by going for a used one. After using, make sure that you have stored it well. Proper maintenance is good for the tool to serve you quite longer. Always go for what you can afford. Whether used one or new.