Milwaukee 2773-22 M18: A Press Tool Kit for Plumbers on Daily High Intensity Task

A plumber’s job is not easy. Though there are days that clients need simple repairs on their plumbing. There are also occasions that they need to work on high-intensity tasks. They will need the help of correct tools to accomplish heavy-duty jobs.


As a plumber, you know that using the right tools is crucial in completing a task. And one of the fundamental tools a plumber should have is a press tool kit.

Searching for the best press tool kit is not an easy job. This piece of equipment is not cheap. Consider all options at hand to avoid spending money on low-quality equipment. That is why experts suggest that plumbers must read an honest review of some quality press tools from reliable online sources. Reading reviews is extremely helpful. It’ll guide you to the best options in the market and ensure a good purchase.

One of the top-seller plumber press tool kits for high-intensity tasks is Milwaukee 22773-22 M18. It is well-known in the industry for its unique features. To know more about this, learn the features of Milwaukee 22773-22 M18 below.

#1 A State-of-the-Art Technology

The M18 Force Logic Press Tool by Milwaukee is currently the most intelligent press tools in the industry with state-of-the-art technology. Despite the small size of the equipment, it can deliver 20% more run time for every charge. Likewise, it has a run time of 10% faster and a single longest calibration interval at 50,000 cycles. These features optimize the tool’s functionality and performance. Hence, it increases the user’s productivity and completes a tough task in a short period.

#2 Lightweight In-line Design

The tool is also well-known for its lightweight, in-line design. This aspect allows the user to perform one-handed pressing with accuracy and success in connecting tight spaces.

#3 Auto-Cycle Feature

The auto-cycle feature of the M18 Force Logic Press Tool is one of a kind. It guarantees full press every single time. Moreover, the prepress battery check ensures the tool won’t stat a press it can’t accomplish. Therefore, you can guarantee that the Force Logic Press Tool has impressive accuracy levels and reliability.

#4 First Brushless Press Tool

The M18 Force Logic Press Tool is the first brushless press tool introduced in the market. It is one of the reasons why this press tool kit is one of the top-sellers in the past years. Likewise, this unique feature of Force Logic made it one of the most convenient and smart innovations in the industry.

#5 Compatibility

The tool is compatible with more than 13 unique fitting systems and one-half to four inches capacity. This aspect makes the Force Logic M18 Press Tool a comprehensive solution for both plumbers and mechanical contractors.


Is Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 2773-22 a good investment?

The answer is yes. This equipment is one thing plumbers and mechanical contractors should have in their toolbox. Moreover, the tool is a good value for the money.

This press tool by Milwaukee is only one among the top-seller press tool kits you must consider. If you want to check out alternatives to Milwaukee’s M18 Force Logic Press Tool, see this source for details.