Moleskin watercolor sketchbook review

Moleskin watercolor sketchbook is one of the most liked sketchbooks by artists; it is a beautiful product. Despite that is is not on the top list it still does well in the market. The paper has 104 pages, 200 gsm, and an overall 25% cotton. It becomes easy to paint as the cotton absorbs water easily as compared to a plain paper. Though recently they started producing papers with a low percentage of cotton and this has affected there rating. As a result, the quality has gone down since it now fits for those artists who use pen and ink. Feel free to read more about this at

Why moleskin

Many artists love the paper due to its quality and cotton percentage. If you need a lighter paper, this is the best make for you. The outcome of the drawing is lovely, you will love it. Moleskin makes the art look lively because it gives the result that you will probably like. The paper is cheap as compared to other papers in the market. The paper has the best size you can love to put your drawing. For instance, let’s consider Moleskin watercolor sketchbook review from one of the customers, “This is an amazing product I have ever used; perfect color output and the general size of the paper is awesome. I recommend the new buyers to have the product. ” there are many positive reviews about the product.

Moleskin specifications

The paper is composed of a plain paper outlay of 5″ x 8-1/4″ in dimensions. The paper is black with an elastic hardcover and a right bookmark ribbon. It has an internal accordion pocket for placing drawing equipment. FSC fully certifies the paper, and lastly, it is an acid-free paper with a neutral PH. It is one of the best papers to have your drawing on, as you will be satisfied with the end product.

Where to buy the product

Moleskin can be found in any online market, but we highly recommend Amazon. At Amazon, you can see the best paper for artwork and has varieties of them. Amazon delivers the paper to your door. Buy the product and enjoy the best artistic work ever. Amazon is the most potential market for moleskin watercolor sketches. It is the best brand for students and those already in the field, and it is not biased to any state of work.

Weaknesses of Moleskin

Nothing misses a negative side in this world. Despite that, the customers have branded this paper the best it has still some issues on quality nowadays. The quality of the paper has slightly gone down, and the clients are having complains about the paper. The percentage of cotton has dropped, and the artists can only use the paper with pen and ink not as before. The challenge is scaring away most of the artists from buying Moleskin sketchbook. Though, some of the artists have moved to other papers still some clients still trust that they will get the paperback. Therefore, moleskin should aim at bringing back the original quality to avoid losing market and potential clients.