Motor Trend Outdoor Cover for JEEP Grand Cherokee Review

Do you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee? You need to provide your vehicle the best protection against any exposure that may damage the exterior of the car. Parking your Jeep outside your house does not make safe from any damage, natural factors such as heavy rains, snow or even strong winds might cause severe damage to your Jeep if you are not careful. The cost of taking your Jeep for repair may be very high, and instead, you should purchase the best Car Cover to protect any Mother Nature damages. You will find many Jeep Grand Cherokee covers in the market, but you need to buy the best for maximum and comfortable protection of your vehicle. Find out more about this here.

Which is the best Outdoor Cover for the Jeep Grand Cherokee

You will find various covers on the market that can fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee but here are some of the best brands in the market currently;

CoverMaster Gold Shield

This cover works perfectly in protecting your Jeep Grand Cherokee against dust, hail, snow and strong winds since its waterproof. The cover consists of three layers of polypropylene making it water resistant and a layer of Micro-porous film which enables your car to breathe comfortably. There is also a cotton layer that ensures your Jeep is protected from fading its paint due to the high sun temperatures.


  • The CoverMaster provides maximum protection for your Jeep against any natural exposure
  • The cover is durable and very strong thus will serve you for long enough.
  • It fits your car comfortably thus providing quality protection to your vehicle.


  • The CoverMaster Shield is yet to receive a lot of reviews thus judging can be a challenge.

Covercraft Custom

This is another ideal cover that will protect your Jeep Grand Cherokee against all weather conditions comfortably. The Covercraft will ensure your car is safe from the UV rays which may make your car paint fade and is made of polypropylene fibres making it waterproof and heat resistant. The cover is custom made thus it fits any car and with the design that you would choose.


  • The cover assures your Jeep Grand Cherokee protection against any exposure.
  • This Covercraft after buying you enjoy a warranty of up to four years.
  • Allows your Jeep to breathe comfortably and dries faster after washing or after rains.


  • The material is prone to clawing from the pets like cat or dog.

SBU All-weather SUV Cover

This cover is effective in protecting your Jeep Grand Cherokee against various natural agents that may damage your car paint such as rains, dust, and tree sap among others. The cover gives you a seven years warrant after purchasing which indicates the quality of service you are going to enjoy. The cover is made of advanced fabric materials to provide your vehicle comfortable protection. SBU comes in Grey and can protect your car from UV rays which damage your Jeep body color.


  • The SBU protects your vehicle in all season, from summer to summer your car will be safe.
  • The quality of material the cover is made of makes it serve you for very long time.
  • Keeps your car clean all the time hence saving you from spending on the car wash.


  • The SBU works perfectly for only high Moisture climates.

Conclusively, there are many outdoor covers you can use for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the ones above top the market with excellent ratings currently.