Musicians of Two Cities

Musicians of Two Cities

If you would like to work in music production there are a number of places in the United States where you can find good employment opportunities. If you have a passion for music and enjoy working with others then all of these opportunities could be considered good. The best places to work when you are a music producer are big cities and states where there are a lot of musicians and work opportunities. States such as New York and California are both excellent states to obtain your music production degree in. Here are a number of different options for you to choose from.

California Music Production Schools

If you currently live on the west coast, then seeking out a music production school right where you are is probably the right choice for you. Many schools in California have some of the highest ratings and also offer music production as a study option. If you are seeking out music production schools in California, then here are some good options for you.

Los Angeles Harbor College is a school that is located in Wilmington, CA and offers music production and recording arts as majors. You can obtain a certificate or an Associate’s degree with either of these degrees and be fully trained to become a music producer. It is a small college with a little less than 9,000 students currently enrolled. While there are no Bachelor’s degree option at this location, a student can take a wide variety of courses to help prepare them for their career in music production.

Fullerton College is located in Fullerton, CA and offers music production, music, recording arts, and music history as a degree program. It is a 2 year public school with less than 20,000 students currently enrolled. They offer students certificates as well as Associate’s degree options.

New York Music Production Schools

The SAE Institute of Technology is one of the best music production schools in New York. They offer lecture-style courses as well as a variety of hands-on training options to make sure students are fully prepared for a career in music production. Some of the biggest leaders in the music industry often guest lecture and offer classes to help create a fun and dynamic atmosphere for students to learn in. They even give students the opportunity to take a virtual tour online to make sure that the SAE Institute of Technology in New York is the right choice for them.

Regardless of where you live you will always find a high quality school that offers music production degree programs. Do plenty of research before choosing your school and go online or take a tour in person so you can see if it is the right fit for you.

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