Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

Living in the urban can be tough and toxic for everyone. There’s so much going around, too many cars, too many people, and too much noise. If the sound of the city life can be intolerable to an average adult, imagine what it could do to babies and children. Parents always want the best for their children and to keep them away from potential harm is a priority.


Babies’ ears are much more sensitive to sound compared to adults. Any noise that may seem bearable to grownups may be dangerous to babies and children. The sound of the vacuum cleaner, the roar of the lawn mower, or the sound of traffic on a busy street, may be okay for most adults, but these are already an unpleasant experience for small children. A sound of 80 dB, which is the level of noise a busy traffic makes, is enough to do significant damage to ones’ hearing after being exposed for hours. Some toys are even making sounds that are too loud for a child to bear, as children are naturally curious, they move their ear closer to the origin of sound, potentially harming their ears. The noise coming from the environment can’t be controlled; however the level of sound going inside the ear can be significantly reduced with the use of headphones that cancel noise for babies.

Noise cancelling headphones do just what their names imply; the headphones muffle the sound so when it reaches the ears it doesn’t hurt the baby’s ears at all. Noise cancelling headphones are just like regular headphones; the only difference is that instead of blasting off music in the ears, it blocks the unnecessarily loud noise. Noise cancelling headphones for babies and children are specifically designed for comfort and functionality. Some headphones, like EM’s for Bubz, are carefully made from non-toxic materials to make it safe for babies’ skin. Unlike regular earmuffs, its headbands are made from soft fabric that fits perfectly and comfortably, which is perfect, knowing that babies’ skulls are still soft. Some earmuffs, like the Baby Banz Baby Infant Hearing Protection, go beyond than what is expected from regular earmuffs. An earmuff, in average, can have a noise reduction rating of 25. The Baby Banz Baby ear muff, however, has a surprisingly high noise reduction rating, going up to 31 dB. It’s the perfect headphones for small children for events like watching football or going to a concert. It can block almost all the unwanted noise around.

There are other alternatives in keeping the little ones away from harmful noise. One way of keeping the kids safe is sound proof the house and rooms. Since most their time is spent in the home, a good soundproofing can prevent them from being startled by the noise of the lawn mower or the vacuum cleaner. There are also applications for mobile phones that are able to detect the sound level of the environment to know if it’s safe to the ears. Loud noises coming from things around cannot be controlled. Fortunately, there is a safe and easy way to protect babies’ delicate ears.