Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera / Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle Review

The Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera/ Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle is a device that simply does not disappoint. This Action Stabilizing Handle has the original and professional grade action stabilizing grip feature giving you that ability to hold your camera very low while filming fast sports events such as skiing, boating, auto racing etc. A masterpiece I must say as you will have such a great handling feel you will get immersed in the motions.



One of the great things about the Opteka is that it comes in many cool colors. Apart from facilitating you with color appeal and a combination of a novel and one of a kind filming perspective, the X-Grip is sure to steady your shots. It is compatible with most cameras/camcorders provided that the height does not exceed 4.5″ featuring a 1/4″-20 tripod mount. It has an adjustable 1/4″-20 screw that is on its bracket, making it all the more efficient in accommodating camcorders of various configurations.


The Opteka X-GRIP29 handle is simple to use even though I must say it may take you some practice to get that fluid movement while doing your thing. The bottom line is whether you are a professional or an amateur, this device meets your expectations. It has incredible support offering you a kind of stability as well as the control that can only be said to be excellent. However, truth be told, it may also take up a bit of your time in figuring out that correct setting for your particular camcorder/ Camera, but besides that, once you are set and ready to shoot, you will enjoy the experience that comes with its convenience.

Great Capture

This Opteka series provides you with a sure way of capturing that OMG moment thanks to its larger than life perspectives. How does it do this? It’s because it comes featured with a rubber handle that is shock-proof hence alleviating stress as it offers you a grip that is both comfortable and secure grip. To further secure the grip it has a finger groove, while to further secure your camcorder to its mount there’s non-slip rubber rails. And it does not stop there, it has a bonus feature, the Opteka X-Grip comes equipped an accessory shoe that’s at the top and is removable. This awesome bonus feature is what makes it have the ability to hold a lighting device such as a camera flash improving the video effects or you can also use it for holding an external microphone enhancing the sound effects.

Basically, the Opteka X-Grip is simply a must-have if your plan is to capture high-speed action sports from

l any angle,

l very low angles

All in all, I believe you want is a handle that is stable and say a room for one more accessory, coupled with multiple angle shot convenience then Opteka X-GRIP is the best choice. This is why it is an immensely useful product for extreme sports so if you want to understand professional camera work you now know what to buy