Pioneer Champion TSW311S4 vs Rockford Fosgate P2d4-12: Which is best?

Know that there is a wide array of subwoofer brands in the market. Also, each brand possesses unique qualities such as sound quality, size, designs, and ability to produce powerful bass to mention a few. These differences provide you options to determine which subwoofer is best for your car.


However, this number of choices can be overwhelming and confusing for a beginner. That is why beginners are advised to consult online sources such as the Sound Certified.

The Sound Certified is an informative online source that supports customers particularly beginners in selecting the best subwoofer speakers in the industry. This source posts guidelines on how to find a quality speaker as well as advices, tips and comparisons of the top-selling subwoofers which is worth a bang for your buck.

The best-choice power efficient yet budget-friendly subwoofers of today are Pioneer Champions and Rockford Fosgate.

But the question is what makes this two the best subwoofer option?

Here is a short review of Pioneer Champion TSW311S4 and Rockford Fosgate P2D4-12 product details.

Pioneer Champion Series TSW311S4

The Pioneer Champion is a well-established name in this industry. If you are searching for a budget-friendly subwoofer with quality, this brand name is at the top of the list.

The subwoofer series TSW311S4 by Pioneer Champions is a 12 inches subwoofer with 4-ohm single voice coils is a fantastic find the market. Here is the list of features you’ll enjoy from this item.

1. Quality Build- This speaker features an injection-molded polypropylene (IMPP) composite seamless cone. This build is more solid and heavier that works excellently for heat dissipation.

2. Cast Basket- The cast basket frame of this model is rigid. It can withstand hard bass notes that often stress lesser subwoofers.

3. Sensitivity- This item is sought out for its sensitivity at one watt. It entails that the speaker can achieve higher volume despite using lesser power.

4. Power- The speaker can handle the power of 350W RMS. It means that the speaker can produce loud and clear sounds.

Rockford Fosgate Series P2D4-12

This series from Rockford Fosgate is also known as the Punch. Well, it does give a punching performance for a cheap subwoofer. You can experience great entertainment without spending above $100!

Aside from being a budget-friendly speaker, here are the advantages of using this subwoofer from Rockford Fosgate.

1. Dual Voice Coil- Compared to the first speaker above, the Rockford Fosgate has a 4-ohm dual voice coil subwoofer. This feature gives the speaker a more excellent performance with additional flexibility.

2. Strong Cast Basket- Although a lightweight this subwoofer is impressively strong and stiff. It is guaranteed durable.

3. Kevlar and Santoprene Paper Cone- The paper cone of this product is highly durable and lasts longer compared to other brands.

4. Power- This series can handle power up to 400W RMS which is higher compared to the former item. Hence, it could produce better sounds with more clarity.

Which subwoofer would you prefer for your car?

If you want more answers about the above items, consult the Sound Certified for additional details and more product reviews.