Potty Training Toddlers in Just Days

It is true that parents need to be patient whenever they teach their tots how to use the potty, but do you know that it can be done in just a matter of days? Everything can be done as long as one puts his heart, soul, and mind into it. There are a lot of online resources that you can use to prepare for this moment. Learn about the practical tips for potty training toddlers to make the process as fast and easy as possible.


Here are some very useful tips on how potty training toddlers in just days can be done.

  • Give the toddler an idea by exposure. When you need to go to the bathroom to use the toilet, see to it that you let your tot come with you. When the little kid sees you using the potty, he or she might just imitate you. However, parents need to make sure that they explain and make their tots understand the point of using the toilet; this is to avoid the risk of them playing with toilet.
  • Get a potty for toddlers placed around the house. If the budget is enough, parents can try purchasing one of those toy potties which can be really used by tots. Better yet, get a toilet seat with a potty seat attached to it. Making kids feel that they own the thing is going to help them avoid developing fear from using the toilet.
  • Teach them authoritatively to emphasize the need. Every after ten minutes, place the little tot on the potty. However, parents must keep in mind to avoid asking baby questions such as ‘’Do you need Mr. Potty?’’ Questions like these give toddlers the perception that you are asking them a favor. Parents need to see to it that their image or coming to the tot is authoritative and that they are giving commands and not questions. Tots need to understand that peeing and pooping is thing that must be done.
  • Use positive motivation. Having a reluctant tot is quite common when it comes to potty training since it isn’t really such a fun thing to do. Since it isn’t fun, the only thing left to do is to make activities that are going to help a kid become entertained while sitting on the potty. If this still doesn’t work, try giving prices whenever the tot gives effort in learning how to use the potty. Aside from the prizes, it may also be helpful if praise is given but too much of it may not be good also. Hence, be knowledgeable on the amount of praise that must be given.
  • Take a few days away from work and stay at home. Try to budget at least two days for potty training toddlers. Do these tips repeatedly everyday and in just a matter of days, you are going to notice that your toddler is already doing potty time on his own.
  • Lastly, when you are potty training toddlers, stay calm and collected. Never over react whenever situations like making a mess happens because toddlers are still so innocent; toddlers still do not know for sure what is right from wrong.

Hopefully, these tips will help you train your toddler to use the toilet.