Quick Product Review on Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor are very useful for individuals who are starting to work-out or does training programs; it helps them monitor their heart rate, set limitations, and monitor their progress. Even though devices like these is not a necessity when you do your routine, especially an intense one, the results provided by the monitor really comes in handy.


One of the known heart rate monitor today is the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor; if you are planning to invest one but not trusting if it is worth it, here is a well-researched review and a quick product review that you should take time to read.

Product details:

The FT4 is designed to provide data or feedback on the heart rate zone control and the calories that were burned during a workout. It is made for either cross-training or fitness enthusiasts – making your training easy and worth-it.


The FT4 is known for its accuracy; it transmits real-time and live data from the chest strap to the wristwatch through Polar’s own Code, which is at 5 kHz per code transmission. The Polar-based code help prevents any sort of interference that can alter result; meaning, all the data or results received are accurate readings from a live heart-rate monitoring during work-out.

Moreover, the FT4 provides continuous reading during training; thus, making each data more accurate and simple to understand.

Ease of Use

Is Polar FT4 easy to use?

Since the Polar FT1, all their innovations on heart rate monitors are becoming more accurate and easy to use. So, yes; Polar FT4 is easy to use with lots of features to offer.

Product features:

  • Designed with HeartTouch Technology; a technology that provides real-time data and essential readings with just one touch of any button. All you need to do is bring the watch near the Polar FT4’s chest strap and press any button to get real-time and accurate readings.
  • Designed with a graphical target zone indicator; the target zone is a recommended maximum heart rate for every workout intensity. Also, you can manually set the target zone (bpm) or at maximum heart rate.
  • Designed with a comfortable and soft chest strap.
  • Has built-in alarm when you cross the allowed heart rate limit.
  • Data can be transferred to GymLinks compatible devices.
  • Has allowable 10 file storage.
  • Features OwnCal calculator that displays total burnt calories for every session throughout the training.
  • Designed with a large display with backlight.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Supports multi-languages (English, German, Swedish, Finish, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian)
  • It comes with 2 years warranty.

Final Thoughts

Is Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor worth-it?

The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is designed with a chest-strap heart monitor; this means, the readings are accurate and reliable. Plus, it is easy to use and packed with several features. In other words, the Polar FT4 is worth-it.

If you need additional details about Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor you may visit My Heart Rate Monitor’s website – a reliable and honest review site for heart rate monitors.