Reasons to get an Air Purifier

One common issue that some people have to deal with in their homes is the presence of bad odors in rooms and other areas.  For people with sensitive sense of smell, these bad odors can be distracting and annoying, and could sometimes make the air around the space feel heavier. Another thing that a lot of people also do not like is dusts, which can cause some health problems. These problems can easily be solved by cleaning, but sometimes even after that, these problems continue to plague the noses of the homeowners. In times like this, it pays to have a high-quality air purifier at home. Read below to know more about them.


Why Get an Air Purifier?

Living Near Cities or Polluted Areas

Living near urban areas or cities could mean more pollution present in the air. Smokes coming from cars and dusts from the road can get inside the home; which can be bad for the health. Small particles coming from the smoke and air could get inhaled, or can accumulate on the furniture. Air purifiers are effective in filtering out pollutants and other harmful substances in the air for a cleaner home.

Living with Pets

Pet owners know how much hair shedding these lovable creatures can produce. Pet hair can go almost anywhere; in sofas, beds and carpets where they can be really hard to get, and they can also be flying around the air with the risk of getting inhaled. Over time, this can cause serious respiratory problems or trigger allergic reactions. The filters in an air purifier are very effective in filtering pet hair to prevent allergies and other diseases.

Living with a Person who Smokes

Smoking is very dangerous to one’s health; but it is proven that second-hand smoke is twice more dangerous than first-hand smoking. For people living with constant smokers, it could sometimes be hard to get rid of the smoke; especially the smell, out of the room or the house. Air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters that are designed to filter out smoke and other pollutants coming from tobacco.

Living with a Person with Respiratory Problems

Some respiratory diseases like asthma can be triggered by certain allergens.  It is important to have a clean air to prevent attacks that can affect with the functioning of the lungs.

What to Consider When Looking for an Air Purifier

Room and Air Purifier Size

It is important to consider the size of the air purifier relative to the room when choosing one. Always look for a model that can effectively purify the whole room where it is going to be used. Moreover, go for a purifier that goes with the amount of space in the room or the area.

Air Change Rate

The Air Change Rate or ACH tells the amount of times the purifier has cleaned the whole air in the room for an hour. A 5 ACH purifier means it can complete one cycle every 12 minutes. For some people, it is preferable to go for higher ACH ratings.


There are four main types to look for in a purifier: first is HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air), second is charged media, third is antibacterial and germicidal, and last is electrostatic precipitator.