Reminders to Take Note before Buying Foundation for Large Pores

Large pores are a common skin problem among adults. It is a result of aging and genetics. But for some, large pores are a consequence of having oily skin and exposure to external enemies like ultraviolet light.


Each person is born with normal-sized pores. However, some factors as said from above causes the pores to enlarge over time. But in most cases, large pores happen due to excessive production of sebum. The oil breakout from the skin stretches the pores, causing it to get bigger and more visible.

Large pores are not a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. But for a person who is constantly dealing with people, having this condition is a nuisance. Severe cases of this skin problem can also affect the self-confidence of a person.

Are you experiencing the same problem with your skin?

Worry not!

With correct skincare and following the advice of the experts, you can get rid of this skin problem.

The Goodness of Foundation for Large Pores

Applying foundation is one effective way of covering up and controlling large pores. There are powder foundations formulated for this purpose. It can cover up uneven skin surfaces to make it appear smooth and seamless. Moreover, a powder foundation for this skin condition has a unique formula that controls the development of large pores.

You can find a foundation for large pores at any skincare store near you. However, be careful in choosing a powder foundation to buy. Make sure it is compatible with your skin and has no harmful content.

To help you find the best foundation for large pores, check out these reminders.

1. Choose Natural

Check first the content of the product before buying it. Make sure it has zero strong chemicals like alcohol, phthalates, parabens, and talcum powder.

It is best to choose foundations with premium natural ingredients like minerals.

2. Find a Reliable Brand

Always choose brands with a great reputation when it comes to skincare. You can never go wrong with these manufacturers. Examples of well-established brands of skincare products are Bella Terra, Maybelline, and Dermablend.

Try to consult and read product review sources like Ellis James Designs. This website provides honest reviews of top-selling skincare products. Reading product reviews will help you to learn more about the items from their content, advantages, and drawbacks.

3. Go for Non-comedogenic Cosmetics

Avoid skincare and beauty products that are comedogenic or oil-based content. The best choice for oily skin and large pores are water-based products, also called as non-comedogenic.

Oil-based cosmetics will add more oil to your skin. Hence, it will only drastically increase large pores and acne breakout.

4. Moisturizer and SPF Content

Foundation with moisturizer and SPF content is a must. The moisturizing formula on the foundation will keep your skin hydrated all day long. It will also suppress the sebum from breaking out on the skin.

Meanwhile, the sun protection formula in foundation assures that your skin is protected from sun damage. Remember that sun damage is one reason behind large pores.

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