SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File Review

Confidential business documents, medical files and property papers are valuable assets that should be kept safe. While storage lockers might be the best place to keep them it’s best to factor in their safety in case of flood or fire outbreak. The SentrySafe HD4100CG has gained a lot of popularity because of its durability as well as a functional and reliable design. Apart from the fact that it can withstand fire for half an hour, it is sold at a budget-friendly price.

Is This Safe Recommended?

Anyone who’s taken time to go through any SentrySafe HD4100CG Fire-Safe Waterproof File Review understands that it one of the best safes available in the market today thanks to its durable construction. That aside, it comes with the right dimensions making it suitable for office and home use. You’ll have ample space to store your DVDs, CDs and other vital documents securely. Different tests conducted on the safe have proved that the safe can withstand fire with temperatures of up to 1550°F.

The safe is designed with a privacy lock allowing owners to store their contents securely. Even those with a negative opinion about this safe still believe that it’s worth a shot but the only issue is that it’s not easy to move and you might need a permanent area of placement. If you’ve got an office having this safe might be the relief you’ve been looking for since it will bring about a sense of organization to your desk.

The Key Features To Look Out For


Compact Design – The safe features hanging fold folders that allow for easy organization of your files at home or office. It has an interior dimension of 11.5 in * 12 in * 8.1 in an exterior dimension of 14.3 by 15.5 by 13.5 and weighs about 44 pounds.

Theft and Water Protection – SentrySafe is ETL verified and you won’t have to worry about water damage to your items. It has a privacy lock to keep your files safe plus the LidStraps are included to provide easy access to frequently used items.

Keeps Files Secure and Organized – With this safe, you can be guaranteed that your files will be securely locked and organized. Also, it is UL classified which means that it can withstand fire for up to thirty minutes.

User Guidelines

The use of this safe in households or at the office may be smooth if it’s set in a permanent place. It comes with a combination lock mechanism which is programmed with codes to form a secret combination. In case of a fire breakout, you should consider carrying it to a safe location but ensure that it’s not filled to the brim. If possible, try keeping it away from prying eyes since they might notice the plastic and figure out how to break the lock.

Files and documents are essential items in any office. However, vandalism by those who are interested in stealing the information is common. A good file safe is all you need, but most companies concentrate on cabinets and gun safes. However, with the Sentry Safe, you are guaranteed that nothing will happen to your precious documents.