Smart bra solutions for backless dresses

So you wish to flaunt a sexy backless dress at the next party. What can start giving you sleepless nights is to find out the perfect bra solution that will give the needed support for your breasts without making you wear that back strap that can spoil the show of your dress.

Although many girls find showing a little strap at the back their own fashion statement, the majority of them still look for the right bra that can go well with their ultra-low-back or backless dress. Here are a few smart bra solutions for backless dresses that you can try and ones that can look great with your dress. Read more here.

A convertible bra

If you reserve wearing your backless dresses on special occasions, it is best for you to invest in an everyday convertible bra. A convertible bra is the one in which you can take the back straps off when you intend to flaunt your back in a backless or an ultra-low-back dress. The other advantage of a convertible bra is that its shoulder straps can come off too, so you can use the same bra for shoulder-less dresses too.

A convertible bra is one of the most economical bras and a must-have item in your wardrobe because of its multi-purpose wear. A convertible bra can easily convert into a criss-cross one, a halter bra and low-back bra in addition to the standard bra with the shoulder and back straps. Convertible bras can be seamless, can have push-up cups and can come with adjustable straps. So there’s always something in the market that will suit your style and personality.

Low-back bra supports

You can buy a low-back bra support from any lingerie store close to you. This support is sold as a separate accessory and can be attached to any existing bra that you may own. This is a really cost-effective solution to provide the extra support to an existing bra and convert it into one that can easily slip under a backless dress. Using this support, you can lower the back strap on your existing bra, so it can easily hide under your backless bra.

This is very affordable but has its limitations. A low-back bra support will not work for dresses which have ultra-low backs that can go deep to just above your butt. If your dress has that deep back, it is best to stick to a convertible bra which has no back strap at all.

In the end, breast lift tapes are worthless

When you are shopping in the market for that perfect bra for your backless dress, you can easily be lured by the breast lift tape solution. As tempting as they may sound, breast lift tapes are useless and a full waste of your money and time. These life tapes use an adhesive that sticks to your breast. Not only is this adhesive harmful to your skin, over time it can make your breasts droop and lose their softness. Also, they don’t work if you have fuller breasts. So a big piece of advice is to stay away from such adhesive tapes and stick to the bra options discussed above.