Tackle Crafters Saltwater Tackle Box Review

If you don’t keep your fishing accessories well, you’ll experience an unnecessary headache later on the shoreline. Fishing accessories can easily be misplaced in the carrying bag. Furthermore, if you handle them carelessly, your fishing gear such as the hooks can easily injure you. Fishing items can also create a complicated knot that may not be easy for you to untie if you are not experienced. So, how are you going to save yourself from such unnecessary troubles? Investing in a tackle box is the way out because it can keep your fishing gear well organized.

Tackle box such as the Tackle Crafters Saltwater Tackle Box is designed in such a way that it’s easy to use, has adequate space to carry your fishing accessories and have a number of compartments; it’s great for any kind of fishing environment.

Users of the Product

The Tackle Crafters Saltwater Tackle Box is an accessory designed for fishers enjoying fishing on the pier, beaches, boats, jetty, and other remote location. As noted, it has an ample space to accommodate all your fishing essentials. Furthermore, the box is suitable for the saltwater fishing because all the included gear is certified to be used in water with high salt content.

Features and Package

The tackle box itself is made of high-quality plastic, which locks in all your fishing belongings without leaking water in. It’s also durable and long lasting. The manufacturers have a money return policy; they offer a full money-back guarantee. The dimension of the tackle box is 9.1 x 5 x 1.25 inches and weighs approximately 10.10 inches.

The Tackle Crafters Saltwater Tackle Box has prepackaged boxes made of saltwater-grade materials. The items packed in the box include fishing lures, spoons, rigs, hooks, steel leaders, and jigs. This ensures that you’re well equipped with the basic gears necessary for fishing.


To maximize the usage of the box, you need to understand what it provides. The box works, in the same way, other boxes in the market work. The key function of the box is utilizing the saltwater equipment for fishing; it allows you to attach the essential accessories to catch any kind of fish you would like. You can also select the right sizes of the accessories that can make your fishing experience smooth. It’s recommended that you strictly make use of the accessories in a saltwater fishing rather than non-saltwater.


  • Easy to carry
  • Compact
  • Strong Hooks
  • Durable


  • Limited to saltwater fishing
  • No bobbers and floats


The way you prepare for a fishing mission determines how quick you can set up and gets the fishing going; therefore, to save your time you need to get your fishing gear organized. The Tackle Crafters Saltwater Tackle Box is ideal for you. It also makes your fishing easy because if you need any accessory, you can easily pull out from the box. Furthermore, if you love fishing in the ocean, this box is also perfect for you as it’s created for saltwater fishing.