The Best Air Purifiers for a Healthier Life

Asthmatic and people who have different allergies already know how hard it is to be living in a place where it constantly gets dusty or in an environment with so many impurities in the air. Thank goodness for advance technology; now people get to invest in air purifiers which make one’s life so much better.


There are different reasons why people buy an air purifier for their homes. There are those who wanted to keep a healthy environment that is free from inhaling impurities on the air which might later cause different sickness. The thought that their family inhale clean air keeps them at ease. When people talk about impurities suspended in the air, it means different allergens, dust, molds and other airborne particles.

If people want to change their lives and start living a healthy life, look here when deciding what to buy. The top 4 air purifiers will be reviewed and introduced in this article.

Best Air Purifiers for Every Home

People don’t impulsively buy an air purifier considering the key roles it plays in one’s home. That is why there is definitely a need to do a research and read about the best air purifiers that is available today.

Winix FresHome Model P150 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave: Home & Kitchen

Using advanced technology, this model does not only get rid of dust, molds, and other foreign particles in the air; but it’s plasma technology feature also makes sure that it destroys all of its captured particles. With all its other features, it became one of the best air purifiers today. It is highly recommended for small rooms if people want an assurance that they are breathing clean air.

OION LB-8001 5-in-1 Air Cleaning System with True HEPA, UV-C, Ionizer, PCO Filtration, and Odor Reduction Air Purifier

Those with a weak immune system are the people who will make the most out of this air purifier. This model is known for killing 99.97% of foreign particles in the air that may be harmful when inhaled too often by the body. This gives people the assurance that airborne diseases won’t affect their health. Aside from that, it helps to keep an environment clean through reducing odor people might smell in a room. This is best for people who have pets. People won’t have to worry about replacing the filter because it is washable.

Honeywell HPA160 HEPA Tower Allergen Remover, 170 Sq Ft

4 separate cleaning levels sound pretty good to those who suffer from different allergies, especially airborne ones. The brand is already known for keeping people highly satisfied with using their air purifiers. Also, people may use this to medium to large rooms which are definitely perfect.

Vornado AC350 True HEPA Air Purifier

For those who want to have safe air in their rooms and having it with style, this air purifier can surely do it without compromising its performance. It is large in size so it can cover larger rooms. It has one of the best technologies that kill every single foreign particle on the air. As expected, it received praises and high rate of satisfaction from is customers.