The Difference of Blenders and Food Processors

There are many cases that blenders and food processors have the same applications, but take note that there are differences among them too. In this article, let us find out the difference between blenders and food processors that usually many people are confused in determining between the two. In many cases, if you are smart enough in knowing their multiple functions, you can save enough money because you can choose which one is best for you. Did you know that blenders can also process and functioned as food processors do? I have given an example here, the Ninja blender features and applications and let us find out if it works very well just like food processors do.

First and foremost, let us first discuss the unit designs, features, and applications of these two smart kitchen appliances. Blenders are easily identified as they have a jug-like container with fixed blades on it. Usually, their blades are not sharpened just like food processors do. Blenders have powerful motors that make it possible to perform different kinds of applications such as crushing ice, grinding fruit seeds, and pulverizing fruits and vegetables. Blenders can be more advanced depending on their specific brand and model. There are some blenders that offer pre-programmed settings that you can just press and it will automatically process according to your choice of settings. Blenders can be more useful to create different meals for your family. It could be used to create smoothies, juice drinks, purees, milkshakes and any other type of liquid drinks. You can also chop small batches of vegetables for your homemade soup and for baby food too. Also, you can create sweet desserts such as meringue, frozen drinks, etc. Mostly, you can easily create healthy snacks for your children such as pancakes and cakes too. Well, if you are creative enough, you can create far more than these meals through using advanced blenders.

How about food processors? Well, if you are a fan of creating chunks of veggies and fruits, then there is no problem in creating with this meal in food processors. They are perfect in chopping, grinding and pulverizing fruits and veggies too. Other applications that you can do in food processors are grating of cheese, shredding of vegetables, and even mixing and kneading the dough too. Also, in terms of unit design, this food processor can be different too. It has a wide base bowl that does not contain fixed blades. Instead, they come with replaceable attachments of blades and discs and it depends on how you positioned them to perform a specific application. Also, you can easily identify the food processor because it has a feeder chute and pusher that you can safely add and push the ingredients downwards.

So, can you use Ninja Blender to be a food processor? The answer is not exactly. You can perform some of the applications of the food processor but not all of them. Ninja blenders are known for its powerful features and multiple applications, but it cannot perform all the functions that food processors can do. So, if you want to mix and knead the dough, then this blender is not for you. You should choose the food processor over blender if these are the applications that you are looking for. Otherwise, if you are looking for versatile applications that can chop veggies, create healthy smoothies and purees, then go for purchasing high-quality or professional blenders. Surely, you can find a lot of them at