The Top Picks for an Excellent Home Theater Experience

These days, a lot of people are looking for ways to bring optimal recreation and entertainment closer to them. So close that they want to experience it in their own homes. Majority of the people today are busy with work, business and family life. Priorities and responsibilities are sometimes overwhelming that they somehow forget to give time for rest and recreation.


A home theatre system is one of the most popular equipment purchased by many. This is because you get to enjoy your audio and video experience at the comfort of your own home or business. You do not have to go to the cinema or theatre house to get a taste of an incredible viewing experience.

If you are planning on getting this one for your home, here are a couple of brands and models for you to check out. These are the top picks made by its users.

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1. If you are looking for a wireless surround sound system, this is for you. It is equipped with 600 watts and is able to support DTS:X, Nueral X, mixing technology and Dolby Audio. This utilizes a soundbar technology that includes five built in speakers inside. It has an eight-inch subwoofer. The bass can reach down to as low as 35Hz. It also has a two-way synchronized surround sound speaker with 90W power. With this, having a crystal clear and immersive sound experience is possible.

It has a quad-core Cirrus Logic Digital Signal Sound Processor system and a 13 speaker driver. It can go as loud as 105 decibels without causing damage to the sound quality. It has various options for connection. You can opt for the Bluetooth connection via aptX or go with HDMI, 4K Pass-Thru, HDR and DHCP. Or better yet, go with a USB connection or an aux, optical and coaxial connections.

The Onkyo THX 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Speaker System

This integrated home theatre system has a 210 W/Ch peak power with 6 ohms and a 100 W/Ch peak power for 8 ohms. This is compatible with older legacy systems, DTS and Dolby Atmos. If you are looking for a speaker to cater to a small space, this one is the best for it. This has a Chromecast built into the system so you can directly stream from computer or smartphone devices without a fuss. Since this is a sealed speaker, it does not rely on the surround for the quality of the sound. You know you are getting a good one from this model.

These are just some of the two excellent models of home theatre sound systems that you can take advantage of. There will be a lot more available in the market so it is up to you to decide. Go for one that has features and functionality that would be a hit for your budget. With enough research about the product, you will be able to get one that will truly match your needs. Go ahead and get one for you home today.