Three Considerations When Buying a Tube Amp

1Although there are undoubtedly more musicians who are using solid state amps over vacuum tube, there is still an undeniable advantage of vacuum tube amps when it comes to doing what both are expected to do – produce sound. It’s a fact that even people who have been using solid state amps wouldn’t hesitate to acknowledge. Unfortunately, vacuum tube amps are becoming rarer and with its rarity came the steep cost of production and consequently the steeper prices in comparison to solid states. Because of this, buying vacuum tube amps usually mean putting in the effort to choose the right one to avoid wasting money. This is likely a mistake that music rookies make, but a mistake that can be avoided by reading purchasing guides like this one. Here are some helpful guidelines on how to purchase a vacuum tube amp.

  1. Wattage

It’s fun to go for higher numbers on a tube amp. But, as most people who are living in the metropolitan area can relate to, playing loudly is disrespectful to people who are living next door, one wall away. Location and setting is a crucial factor in determining the watt power that musicians should buy for their tube amps. If they are living in rural areas, like a farm where houses are about two hundred meters apart, they can probably go for ones that musicians use when doing a concert. Although those tube amps are also going to be as expensive as they are loud. For people living in tight spaces in the city, it’s better to tone down and get amps somewhere around 15 to 30 watts, though that’s still debatable since some neighbors can be extremely sensitive and irritable.

  1. Budget

It’s impossible to not take budget into consideration when buying vacuum tube amps. They are expensive, to begin with. At least when compared directly to solid state amps anyway. Nevertheless, considering the price range of different amps available, aspiring and professional musicians should definitely set a reasonable budget when buying. This number, along with the watt capacity of the amp, should be considered when comparing different options. Do note, however, that even amps that have lower price tags are already powerful enough to provide satisfying music for solo practices. Probably not much when played with a band, especially when the drummer goes ham with his sticks.

  1. Reviews

With the Internet serving as a limitless repository of information, it’s absolutely ridiculous to not take advantage of it when buying practically anything. Reviews are extremely helpful in choosing reliable products, as customer gripes and praises are worth more than an advertising campaign. Music is a universal language, primarily dealing with mood and emotion as its grammar. Because of this, it’s impossible to think that there isn’t any review for amps online. Just do a simple search and read these tube amplifier reviews. Also, in addition to reviews, visiting blogs of musicians help a lot. Some of them may even respond to direct messages and can provide professional opinion and insight when it comes to choosing specific brands and models.